The Mishmash of Pencils.

So here is what I stash away in a box where no one else can see. Pens and Pencils galore (& this isn’t even everything!). I have always had a thing for buying more schools supplies even though I already had some or buying a pen here and pencil there because it was cute or because somehow I could not wrap it around my head that I already had some yellow number 2 pencils at home-unused and unsharpened. Until today I had not taken everything and put it side by side to reveal what I collected over the years. I am at a point where I cannot just toss these out and I also cannot just leave them there unused. That is how I came up with an idea to use them and display them in a way that I could repurpose them and upcycle them, yet still enjoy them without feeling like I have wasted them. 

My goal for this project is to come up with a piece to use all of these pencils and pens to create something new and display worthy. What I have in mind is to cover a large piece of plywood in every single one of them (except maybe the reaaalllllyyy pretty ones!). I have visioned a board which I glue gun everything down to the raw brown board and then I will spray paint the entire piece one colour. I am thinking gold spray paint because I love sparkle and shine, however, since I do share a room with my sister I will have to get her approval on the color choice. I am hoping to work on this today and have everything glued today. I am either going to create a chevron pattern across because that is really in right now, or then have straight uniform lines across horizontally or vertically. That is my starting point for this project, I will add photos throughout my process. 

What would you do with that guilty stash that you just can’t toss out? Leave your comments.


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