DIY: Book Paper Flower

This is a tutorial I found on Pintrest and decided to do a rendering of my own by following the instructions from it.

For this project you are going to need:

  • Book Paper
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stem / 20 gauge wire/Thin wooden dowel
  • Green grosgrain ribbon
After choosing your book paper, cut out 5 pieces of 5 arch shapes in 5 different sizes for a total of 25 pieces. Make sure you keep the font in one direction so that the final product looks cohesive.  
Ben the center of each ‘petal’ and create a rounded edge by curling in the top to give a more natural shape.

I used a mini clothing peg to hold the petals together in order for the crease to be really crisp. I had arranged 5 sets from smallest to largest. 

Once you are satisfied with the crease, start with the smallest piece a wrap around the wire, dowel or stem. I had used a stem from an old faux flower of which I had cut the top off. 

 Using the white glue in the creases attach the petals to the stem.
Slowly build around the center point in circles, keeping the petal tops rolled out and curved. Hold the newly placed petals for a few seconds so that they don’t peel off and are surely stuck on. 

You will slowly start to see the shape of the flower coming together and make sure you place newer petals between 2 of the older ones so there are no gaps. 

Once you are satisfied with the spacing and all of your petals are used up move on to placing a ribbon of your choice to cover up the ‘seams’.

 I chose green because the color of my stem was green. Another choice would be to use cream so that it could blend in with the paper.
Once you are done you can leave it as it, or use a mist to add some color. I used Tattered Angels glimmer mist in juneberry.
 And there you are! A beautiful paper flower. You can make multiple ones to create a couquet to put against the window.



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