Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share this little perk I got yesterday with you guys. So if you have an SPC card, you are entitled to get a FREE lipgloss at American Apparel. Now, I am not one to get out of my way to get something for free (ha! Who am I kidding, of course I would do such a thing). Anyy whoo, I work just down the hall from an American Apparel store so I decided to pop in for my free lipgloss. Its nice to know that there is no purchase necessary to get it & it is a full sized lipgloss!

I just went straight to the counter and told them
I got an email about it and just like that I was able to pick out of a set of $13 lip glosses. I think that is a definite score. I also figured I would pick up something because I felt a little guilty walking away without paying a penny. I purchased this vegan “Hurraw” tinted lip balm and I have to tell you…it is amazing! This goes on as smooth as butter and feels great, it keeps your moisturized for a good while. I have been using the EOS balms for a while, I love them too but this was just heavenly on my lips.They have a range of fragrances but I think this was the only tinted one. I saw a vanilla one which I plan on getting next. I think you all should check it out, and if you get a chance to get a free lipgloss, take advantage asap! I paid $4.04 and walked away with almost $20 worth of stuff.
Until next time…


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