Paper and Stationary Store Review: Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts

Two Fridays ago I went down to the Annex/Koreatown to take a workshop on bookmaking. I had such a blast I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lives in the Toronto area and would love to experience and learn how to bind and make a Notebook. 
I took some photos while I was there documenting the steps and the tools used to create this book. I brought along my two little cousins to craft the books and I sat on the side watched and took photos.


   Hanji is located at Palmerston/Bloor in between the Annex and Korea town. I discovered the cute little shop while walking down the street one day while I was waiting for my friends to meet me. I walked in and stepped into paper crafting heaven! I couldn’t take my eyes off all the papers, stamps, tools, vintage stickers,  fabric tapes and washi tapes(and you all know my love of that!) I knew I had to come back and spend more time inside because ten mins was not enough in the slightest. I walked home that day with two amazing stamps and a pack of business card sized card stock to make your own business cards. I got a vintage camera wood mounted rubber stamp as well as a Starbucks cup stamp. The stamps are high quality and really cute! I used one for a gift wrapping project which will be linked here. 
When we first got to the store we were greeted by Catherine Choi. Her and her husband own the store and their joint effort has really paid off. I was surprised and amazed to learn that the store’s display racks were all constructed by her husband. I was really impressed by the display of all that paper. It was really beautiful and although I was in the store this time for almost two hours I did not get tired of walking through the aisles of paper and products.

We left with these beautiful fabric hard covered journals and even got to add a corner clip, a small bookmark with a charm along with a cute metal lock to keep it closed. 

This was a great experience, Catherine was very patient and was extremely helpful. Once again I left with some goodies including vintage stickers that I am in love with!

Weekly Picks

I just bought this small nude colored wristlet and love it! It is the perfect color to wear fancy or on a normal day. I Love the studs and the size. It is big enough to fit my two phones and my cream/lipgloss/hand sanitizer etc. I love owl anything! This cookie jar is simply adorable I would put that on my kitchen countertop anyway! Heck, I would even put it into my room or craft room. Studio Calico (one of my favourite scrapbooking companies!) has come out with these super cute wood veneers in many different shapes. I love to photograph so these cameras are perfect and super adorable. Really need to get my hands on these very soon! After I went into the Apple store today I saw this super cute Kate Spade IPhone case. The airmail design is really trendy and is something thats popping up in scrapbooking papers and embellishments. I will definitely be making some airmail diy stationary. Lastly, I found some vintage french paper that can be shipped from france and can be used to paper crafting for sure. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this goodness.

Picks of the Week

Ive been a little busy with orders I have been receiving for some products over the last week. I decided I would still put up some picks for this past week. Here is a collection of some new products. I would like to openly declare that I love wallpaper! This metallic stag wallpaper is so beautiful and would add a great warmth to a small space. I can just see it in a small wall above my workspace. Just looking t this had made me want to re-do my craft room with some new wallpaper! I have also shown these cute October Afternoon tin pins for scrapbooking or other crafting. I have a small collection of flat back pins which I usually put into my smash book which I will be sharing soon! I love this set of 5 post card prints from by April and May.  I have been using twine for everything lately and really believe that I should invest in a larger spool, this grey colour is really great because it isn’t as stark as black and white and has just the colour to mix and match with everything. Lastly I found this amazing envelope clutch on Etsy with an amazing print on it by Roxy Marj.

Metallic Stag Wallpaper from Anthropologie
Tin Pin Badges from October Afternoon
Post Card prints from by April and May
Divine Twine from The Paper Place

DIY Lamp Revamp

I had been planning to get a new lampshade and thought ‘I could probably make this one look new for a whole lot less!’ Here is a quick and simple way to make an old lamp look new. 

For this DIY you will need: 

  • A lampshade ribbon
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • glue
  • X-Acto knife
  • tape

Choose where you want to place the ribbon and mark the places 1 inch apart for you to cut lines through the lampshade with your X-Acto knife. 

Weave the ribbon through the slits that you have made and put a piece of tape on the edge of the ribbon so that it does not fray.

Cut on three sides and leave the front side blank. This is where the ribbon will join together and you will glued down the two ends that meet.

While the ribbon is drying cut another piece of ribbon and create a bow.Make sure that your bow is how you like it and then glue the middle down so that it doesn’t come apart when you are using your lamp.

Glue the bow onto the side of the lamp where ribbon edges meet. This will ensure that the raw edges of the ribbon are covered by the bow. Put glue on the back of the bow and adhere carefully make sure it is exactly how you want it because it will be stuck forever!

Trim off the excess ribbon and make sure the two ends of the bow are equal. Make sure you Erase the Pencil Marks for a flawless look. You are now finished!

Picks of the Week

Here are the picks for this week. After watching Skyfall this weekend and noticing the vintage globe in one of the scenes I really want to get my hands on one. I will be thrifting and scouring around to find one soon. I have been obsessed with letterpress for longer than I know. I love these letterpress monogram cards from Austin Press, really cute and it is something I want to do on my own for sure. I also have a beautiful wood + Neon hardwood bowl. The combination of woods/wood grain with neon looks so awesome, again something on my to-make list. I have also found this luxurious cashmere infinity scarf. I personally am on the hunt for some fabrics to make my own(& potentially sell some on my Etsy shop…keep an eye out!) Lastly I have one more piece of stationary because I just really love physical cards and prints. I found these really cute Christmas cards, a set of six only runs you in at about $18. I love the block print, the colors and the quality of the card. If you want something on of a kind and special this is really it. No two cards are made alike because they are hand printed and due to his nature they can not be duplicated exactly the same ever.

1.Vintage Globe (Etsy)
4. Cashmere Infinity Scarf (Restoration Hardware)
5.Letterpress Christmas Cards (Anthropologie)

DIY Gold Tipped Collar shirt

When TopShop opened at The Bay queen street in Toronto I saw a gorgeous white sheer shirt with a simple Gold tipped Collar. I included a similar one on my weekly picks and promised this tutorial. There was no way I was going to fork out $70 (at least not right then and there.) I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make my own version of of. 

I went ahead and ordered the gold collar tips off of an Ebay seller for less than $5 for the 4 that I was going to use. The Shirt cost me $15 from a store called Katie. The total cost was $20 versus $70. I think the hardest part of the entire project was waiting for the clips to come in.

For this project you will need:
1 Sheer top with a collar and cuffed sleeves
2-4 gold collar tips
Needle nose pliers 

* I apologize for the Photo quality. I had bad lighting and really wanted to wear the shirt the next day.

Start with the white shirt and figure out where you want to put the tips. I decided I wanted to place 2 on the edges of the Collar and one on each cuff of the sleeves.

Place the Tips onto the corners and make sure you pull in the right amount of fabric. You want to make sure that the edges of the fabric match up without any gaps so it doesn’t look like it is about to fall out. 

Grab your pliers and just give them a good squeeze from the inner edges so you don’t end up flattening the outer edge. 

Picks of the Week

Here are the picks for this week. I am in love with paper, but you all should know that by now. I love this wrapping paper that is an online exclusive for Anthropologie. These striped coffee bags are so chic and you can use them for anything other than coffee. It is a great way to hand deliver some holiday cookies to your friends and family. Another thing I just adore are the nesting dolls. I have yet to get my hands on them but they are great. You can grab these nesting dolls from Urban outfitters and use them as a the measuring cups like they were made for. I grabbed this May Arts Fleur de Lis Ribbon a while ago and haven’t really used it yet, I just really liked the print and will one day find a use for it! Lastly, I found these super cute Octagon shaped vintage labels and I always love me some vintage!

Printed Coffee Bags (Creative Bag)
Matryoshka Measuring Cups (Urban Outfitters)
May Arts Fleur De Lis Ribbon (Bizzy B Stamp and Scrap)
Octagonal Lables  (Present&Correct)

DIY up-cycled Cotton Swab Holder

Here is a simple and quick tutorial for up-cycling used containers. I keep my cotton swabs in an old eye make up remover pad container. It had been sitting in my bathroom for months and I constantly looked at it saying it really could have been prettier if I tried. I decided to grab some of my washi tape (my go-to right now)and wrap it up with the designs I liked. I thought the tape I used at the top with the weekdays looked perfect for something I use daily. I covered the threads of the container so it didn’t have anything in a stark white.

 I am glad with how it turned out. I don’t really mind that you can see the words through some of the tapes. If you dont want that just make sure to use something darker or more solid. Just remember to end and finish all the tapes on the same side so there are only seams on one side. 

Organization: How to Organize Jewelry

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would go through some basics in terms of organization seeing as I was in the perfect to mood to tidy up. I chose to show you how I  organize my Jewelry today and have a third that was recently done that I would love to share. 

Now I have tons of jewelry and want to make sure I can see it all so I can wear all my jewelry and not forget about things I have. I prefer having things out and in the open so that I can be aware of what I have and make use of it all. I have a few things I use for organizing jewelry. 

  • Trays
  • Ready made Necklace Holder
  • Ready made Bangle display
  • Thrift store finds


I have a few things I use personally. I have a tray I purchased from Winners for $10 and got it because it was really pretty. I did not get it with the intention of using it for my bangles but it did become my bangle/bracelet tray in the end. I also came across two handy bangle organizers while shopping at Urban Outfitters while they were renovating. They were selling some of their display items and paid only $5 for each piece. Remember that you want to keep bracelets that can open or clasp around your arm on these types of organizers, that way you can access them without removing everything else. All bracelets that don’t open and just slip on are what I keep in the trays. This makes it a lot easier to go to and grab. This was a real steal and super handy because my tray was getting very full and I wasn’t really able to see what was deep down under. I used a Glass coke bottle in the center of the tray and have my hairbands coming out of the center. 


 Also from Winners/Home Sense I purchased a dedicated necklace organizer which is equipped with tons of hooks at two different levels. One for longer necklaces and one for shorter. I found this handy until I realized I had a ton of long necklaces and really needed to find a better way to work with those. For me, these are my organized mess, however I think I may redo/Reorganize a few things if I get the time.

I finally got some tiny screw in hooks at Home Depot and screwed them into the moulding I have running across my bedroom. I chose a small corner and that is where I keep my jewelry tray and stands. 

I also found a nice little wooden box with small compartments and put some hooks onto it and hung it from the wall. I use this for my rings because it looks like a nice display and also keeps my rings very organized. 

My studs are the things I reach for the most, I keep them in a little Godiva Chocolate pearls tin and just dump them out to pull out my favourite ones. I find that this is the easiest way for me to keep them.

Picks of the Week

Hey y’all! Here are my favourite things that I have been eyeing over the past week. Firstly, I love the look of these vintage knot and bow library cards. They remind me of my childhood, borrowing books, filling in your name while glazing over who had the book before you. I am ready to get my hands on a set of these for sure. The next stationary Item I am in love with and will probably be posting about more often is washi tape. I love washi tape, it is so handy and easy to use. You can do tons of DIY washi tape projects which I will share here. Lastly, In the stationery favourites I have this amazing Coccoina Glue. This is a potato based almond smelling glue or paste. I have used it before and just love it. I am waiting to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Geometric shapes are really in right now. Weather this is in home decor, scrapbooking trends or the newest jewelry trend. Speaking of Jewelry, I tend to place all of mine in a bowl. I love the idea of having great pieces of decor incorporated into your organizing. It is a really the best way to store Jewelry.