Organization: How to Organize Jewelry

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would go through some basics in terms of organization seeing as I was in the perfect to mood to tidy up. I chose to show you how I  organize my Jewelry today and have a third that was recently done that I would love to share. 

Now I have tons of jewelry and want to make sure I can see it all so I can wear all my jewelry and not forget about things I have. I prefer having things out and in the open so that I can be aware of what I have and make use of it all. I have a few things I use for organizing jewelry. 

  • Trays
  • Ready made Necklace Holder
  • Ready made Bangle display
  • Thrift store finds


I have a few things I use personally. I have a tray I purchased from Winners for $10 and got it because it was really pretty. I did not get it with the intention of using it for my bangles but it did become my bangle/bracelet tray in the end. I also came across two handy bangle organizers while shopping at Urban Outfitters while they were renovating. They were selling some of their display items and paid only $5 for each piece. Remember that you want to keep bracelets that can open or clasp around your arm on these types of organizers, that way you can access them without removing everything else. All bracelets that don’t open and just slip on are what I keep in the trays. This makes it a lot easier to go to and grab. This was a real steal and super handy because my tray was getting very full and I wasn’t really able to see what was deep down under. I used a Glass coke bottle in the center of the tray and have my hairbands coming out of the center. 


 Also from Winners/Home Sense I purchased a dedicated necklace organizer which is equipped with tons of hooks at two different levels. One for longer necklaces and one for shorter. I found this handy until I realized I had a ton of long necklaces and really needed to find a better way to work with those. For me, these are my organized mess, however I think I may redo/Reorganize a few things if I get the time.

I finally got some tiny screw in hooks at Home Depot and screwed them into the moulding I have running across my bedroom. I chose a small corner and that is where I keep my jewelry tray and stands. 

I also found a nice little wooden box with small compartments and put some hooks onto it and hung it from the wall. I use this for my rings because it looks like a nice display and also keeps my rings very organized. 

My studs are the things I reach for the most, I keep them in a little Godiva Chocolate pearls tin and just dump them out to pull out my favourite ones. I find that this is the easiest way for me to keep them.


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