DIY Gold Tipped Collar shirt

When TopShop opened at The Bay queen street in Toronto I saw a gorgeous white sheer shirt with a simple Gold tipped Collar. I included a similar one on my weekly picks and promised this tutorial. There was no way I was going to fork out $70 (at least not right then and there.) I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make my own version of of. 

I went ahead and ordered the gold collar tips off of an Ebay seller for less than $5 for the 4 that I was going to use. The Shirt cost me $15 from a store called Katie. The total cost was $20 versus $70. I think the hardest part of the entire project was waiting for the clips to come in.

For this project you will need:
1 Sheer top with a collar and cuffed sleeves
2-4 gold collar tips
Needle nose pliers 

* I apologize for the Photo quality. I had bad lighting and really wanted to wear the shirt the next day.

Start with the white shirt and figure out where you want to put the tips. I decided I wanted to place 2 on the edges of the Collar and one on each cuff of the sleeves.

Place the Tips onto the corners and make sure you pull in the right amount of fabric. You want to make sure that the edges of the fabric match up without any gaps so it doesn’t look like it is about to fall out. 

Grab your pliers and just give them a good squeeze from the inner edges so you don’t end up flattening the outer edge. 


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