Picks of the Week

Here are the picks for this week. After watching Skyfall this weekend and noticing the vintage globe in one of the scenes I really want to get my hands on one. I will be thrifting and scouring around to find one soon. I have been obsessed with letterpress for longer than I know. I love these letterpress monogram cards from Austin Press, really cute and it is something I want to do on my own for sure. I also have a beautiful wood + Neon hardwood bowl. The combination of woods/wood grain with neon looks so awesome, again something on my to-make list. I have also found this luxurious cashmere infinity scarf. I personally am on the hunt for some fabrics to make my own(& potentially sell some on my Etsy shop…keep an eye out!) Lastly I have one more piece of stationary because I just really love physical cards and prints. I found these really cute Christmas cards, a set of six only runs you in at about $18. I love the block print, the colors and the quality of the card. If you want something on of a kind and special this is really it. No two cards are made alike because they are hand printed and due to his nature they can not be duplicated exactly the same ever.

1.Vintage Globe (Etsy)
4. Cashmere Infinity Scarf (Restoration Hardware)
5.Letterpress Christmas Cards (Anthropologie)

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