DIY Lamp Revamp

I had been planning to get a new lampshade and thought ‘I could probably make this one look new for a whole lot less!’ Here is a quick and simple way to make an old lamp look new. 

For this DIY you will need: 

  • A lampshade ribbon
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • glue
  • X-Acto knife
  • tape

Choose where you want to place the ribbon and mark the places 1 inch apart for you to cut lines through the lampshade with your X-Acto knife. 

Weave the ribbon through the slits that you have made and put a piece of tape on the edge of the ribbon so that it does not fray.

Cut on three sides and leave the front side blank. This is where the ribbon will join together and you will glued down the two ends that meet.

While the ribbon is drying cut another piece of ribbon and create a bow.Make sure that your bow is how you like it and then glue the middle down so that it doesn’t come apart when you are using your lamp.

Glue the bow onto the side of the lamp where ribbon edges meet. This will ensure that the raw edges of the ribbon are covered by the bow. Put glue on the back of the bow and adhere carefully make sure it is exactly how you want it because it will be stuck forever!

Trim off the excess ribbon and make sure the two ends of the bow are equal. Make sure you Erase the Pencil Marks for a flawless look. You are now finished!

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