Paper and Stationary Store Review: Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts

Two Fridays ago I went down to the Annex/Koreatown to take a workshop on bookmaking. I had such a blast I would definitely recommend this to anyone who lives in the Toronto area and would love to experience and learn how to bind and make a Notebook. 
I took some photos while I was there documenting the steps and the tools used to create this book. I brought along my two little cousins to craft the books and I sat on the side watched and took photos.


   Hanji is located at Palmerston/Bloor in between the Annex and Korea town. I discovered the cute little shop while walking down the street one day while I was waiting for my friends to meet me. I walked in and stepped into paper crafting heaven! I couldn’t take my eyes off all the papers, stamps, tools, vintage stickers,  fabric tapes and washi tapes(and you all know my love of that!) I knew I had to come back and spend more time inside because ten mins was not enough in the slightest. I walked home that day with two amazing stamps and a pack of business card sized card stock to make your own business cards. I got a vintage camera wood mounted rubber stamp as well as a Starbucks cup stamp. The stamps are high quality and really cute! I used one for a gift wrapping project which will be linked here. 
When we first got to the store we were greeted by Catherine Choi. Her and her husband own the store and their joint effort has really paid off. I was surprised and amazed to learn that the store’s display racks were all constructed by her husband. I was really impressed by the display of all that paper. It was really beautiful and although I was in the store this time for almost two hours I did not get tired of walking through the aisles of paper and products.

We left with these beautiful fabric hard covered journals and even got to add a corner clip, a small bookmark with a charm along with a cute metal lock to keep it closed. 

This was a great experience, Catherine was very patient and was extremely helpful. Once again I left with some goodies including vintage stickers that I am in love with!


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