Picks of the Week

I missed last weeks picks, life has just been so busy over the holidays! I am preparing lots of things and making more products for the shop in the new year! I am really excited for new year and all the new things to come. The workshop is coming up this weekend so I am busy preparing for that. Here are my favorite products that I’ve been putting on my wish list! Have fun, links at the bottom.

Preview: DIY Card Crafting Kit

Hi Everyone!
 Just thought that I would show you guys a preview of what’s to come. I have been busy preparing kits for the new year. These will be available for purchase after the first workshop for those attending, after that they will be put online on my Etsy Shop for sale. So if you decide to attend the workshop, you will have first dibs on these! 
I have carefully put together things that I think would be perfect for crafting and getting your creative minds going. All Items are listed below.

Each kit will be unique and different with coordinating colors.

Each kit contains some Washi tape, twine, paper punch outs, floral punched strip, Japanese tissue paper, handstamped paper bag, a card base and one sheet of vintage encyclopaedia page, hand cut and stamped tags, small tiny clothing peg, a button, resin flower and brad. This will be enough to get your creativity going and get you a card or a few! This is perfect for those who want to craft but don’t know where to start. Keep checking back for more kits as they are released. If you are not going to be attending the workshop, you could still pop by around 3:30 to snap up a kit or other materials that will be on sale!
Leave comments on your thoughts, I would love to hear them! 

DIY: Peter Pan Collar

Hi everyone! I was so excited to write this blog post because it also includes my very first template here at Eat Love Craft! This was something I had been seeing all over the city in many stores and in magazines but I really had to get my hands onto it because it was just so cute! This is a fun way to make your own embellished peter pan collar. It was really easy to make and took me about an hour-Ish.

For this DIY you will need: 
One sheet of felt 
Template for collar (found here) 
Ribbon to match felt 
Thread in same or similar colour 
Embellishments (I used flat back pearls, rhinestones and studs) 
Sewing pins
Glue (E6000 is awesome!) 

Instructions after the break (click read more)

  • Start my printing off a template for the collar (here) and cut it out. (use your paper scissors for this!) 
  • Fold your felt piece in half and pin the collar template onto it. Carefully cut around so you will be left with two pieces that are identical to one another.
  • Now comes the tricky part. You want to match the two points so that they slightly over lap. remember that this is the time to decide how narrow or wide you would like your collar to be. (I’ve shown the paper version to see better)Sew the middle piece together starting from behind and ending from behind. Once you feel it is secure, move on. 
  • Before placing down your embellishments and decorating your collar, plan out how you want it to look. You don’t want it to end up with mismatched collars because you ran our of something. 
  • Once the placement is set you’re ready to glue everything down.Squeeze a small amount of glue out of the tube to use. Using a toothpick, spread the glue on the backs of the gems and pearls you are using and give them a good press into the fabric. It is better to squeeze out a little glue at a time because the E6000 will start to clump as it dries out and won’t be as effective. 
  • Once this embellishing is complete, take out as much ribbon as you may need (remember, you can always trim off the excess!) sew the ribbon into the edges of the collar, about 1.5 cm inwards. 
  • The last step is to add on the snap buttons where you want to, or if you didn’t cut your ribbon too short (!!) You should have enough ribbon so that you can just tie it behind.


DIY Chalkboard Frame

I made this cute Gold Framed blackboard in a matter of minutes. All it took was a few materials and very little time. I didn’t take a photo of all the steps because it was not necessary. This project cost me about $5 because I only paid for the chalkboard paint.
You will need:
  • An old frame (from a Thrift store or on a curb side like I did!)
  • Black Chalkboard Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush

My original framed image contained a matted painting that was timely and old. I took one look at the frame and fell in love with the gold and black trimming. I saw it on a curb, someone was getting rid of it and I immediately thought I would be able to do something with it. I decided that turning an old frame into a chalkboard would be really easy with the Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint that I purchased for about $5.99. 

First I used the black acrylic paint to cover the old painting and although the matte on the frame was white I still covered it with black acrylic to have a uniform look. Once this was dry, everything was black and covered up.

The next thing I did was covered the frame in the black Martha Stewart chalkboard paint. I coated it with one layer and let it dry for one hour and then applied a second coat. I let it dry for about 12 hours although it was very tempting to write on it right away, I had to hold off for the paint to cure. 

That was it. An easy way to turn an old frame into a chalkboard! 

Picks of the week

These are long overdue! I have been busy planning the everyday gift wrapping workshop. If you are in Toronto, take advantage of this DIY workshop happening on the Danforth! For this week I have got some really cute stuff that I have been pawning over and need to get my hands on asap! Links to the products are at the end of this post.

 I love this display, the use of the crates in such a creative way. I love the look of crates, they are very rustic and give a unique look. The wine barre is tucked in neatly and blends right in and stands out at the same time. I will be using this to inspire my own craft show display.

 I am in love with this apothecary cabinet. I first saw it on tv and called it the ‘Guys with Kids’ cabinet. After that I saw it as a display at anthropologie. I need to get this in my possession as soon as possible! It would be perfect for my craft room because its full of tiny drawers. I will be scouring thrift shops and yard sales for this gem. It is the best way to organize all the small bits and bobs that come with crafting. 

This woodcut print is something I stumbled upon while at the one of a kind show in Toronto. I love the organic feel of the print once transferred onto paper. The artist carves into wood blocks and then  makes the prints. 
I know that the next craft I am going to give a try to is metal stamping. I want to create jewellery pieces with this technique. Those will be posted as soon as I get my hands on it. 

I purchased this Riso Gocco print machine about two years ago and have kept it away in a box for a while. I was looking into screen printing again and remembered why I loved this machine and why I purchased it. As soon as I make prints for this I will be posting those online as well as in my Etsy shop.

Eat Love Craft DIY Workshop

Please click on the top ‘Workshop Classes’ Menu to be redirected to the registration website. 
*This event will be taking place in Toronto near Chester Station on the Danforth.

EatLoveCraft will be hosting the very first workshop for 2013. The Event will focus creating your own wrapping paper and how to adorn your everyday gifts with embelishments. The outside of gifts can be just as nice as the inside and this is the perfect opportunity to learn something new and have access to my stash of tools and supplies. You will be stamping, cutting, punching etc. If you would like to bring along something small that you know you may be gifting in the near future or for valentines day (eep! My fave holiday!) bring it along.
The event will cost $10-$12 at the door which will include the materials. I can accept both cash and credit($0.25 surcharge) on the day of. 
There are three options to work with, once registered please email me with your option at tasneemdasoo@gmail.com: 
  • Design your own gift wrap $10
  • Design your own giftbox $11
  • Design both items : $12
There is a Maximum of 20 people for this first workshop. There will also be some items on sale for you to take home and try playing around with a kit I have put together, designed and created. 

*Please note that this is an Adults Only Event. Anyone 13+ are welcome

(Six!!) DIY gift wrapping styles

Hey Everyone!
This is a post I have been wanting to do for a while. I just had to make sure I had enough material to put this together.Now that I have wrapped a total of six gifts so far, here are 6 ways to wrap anything! 

1)It started with a gift I made then wrapped for a good friend of mine. I started with some plain kraft paper that I have in a large roll. Kraft paper is the best investment to make! I am in love with all the things that you can do with it, as you will all see in all the photos. Follow through for directions of what I did to make these look like they did.


  •  For the first gift I stamped using a large polka dot background I have and some black pigment ink. I did not aim for perfection because it was really not needed for a gift wrap. I wanted this to look like I had handmade it and not bought it preprinted. 
  • While this was drying I punched out a strip of white paper using the Martha Stewart Double Edge punch in doily lace. This is one of my favourite double edge punches. It is so simple but you can do so much with it. I used some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo to get the edges distressed in a colour that matched the kraft paper. 
  • I added some vintage book paper around the wrapping paper and the top bit of the doily lace punch at the bottom portion of the gift. 
  • I distressed a tag with the same Tim Holtz Vintage Photo ink and ran some twine though the top, stamped a small camera in the corner and the recipient’s name. 
  • My last two touches were tying jute twine around the middle of the vintage book paper and adding a handmade flower (Which I will do a tutorial for soon!)

2)  next gift was for a secret santa present. This was very quick to do and looks really nice. 

  • I started this with a kraft box so the wrapping part was skipped over
  • I took a piece of japanese paper I purchased at the Paper place on Queen Street in Toronto. I wrapped it around the centre of the box lid. 
  • I took a tag (as you can tell, I am in love with tags!) and used some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage photo again to get the same matching look with the kraft box. I then punched it on both edges with a Fiskars scalloped eyelet punch.
  • I punched a small christmas tree in the coordinating colours and added small ornaments with red stickles.
  • Lastly I tied a piece of jute twine around the box with a bow and added the tag. 

3)My third piece is simple once again.

  • I started with a kraft coloured bag
  • Stamped on a leaf/fern 
  • Poked two holes with an awl on the bottom leaves of the image
  • I pulled through a piece of red and white twine and tied a bow and added a jingle bell
4) I put together a gift for my cousins birthday and one of the presents we put together was a tub of candy. We went to our local bulk barn and got a tub that is normally used for molasses, filled it up with candy and covered it up. 

  • I took a sheet of black faux leather contact paper and measured it out to fit onto the lid. I used some cut outs from a Topshop magazine and pasted it over top for a different and unique pattern. I always save nice patterns from magazine ads to reuse. 
  • I covered the sides of the container in the same style
  • Tied a matching yellow ribbon  around as well as adding a charm and tag which I backed with the same magazine paper

 5) For her other gifts I just took some plain white paper and a plain white bag and went crazy with some stamps!

  •  I folded a regular sheet of printer paper, folded in half and glued down the edges. 
  • I stamped two different doily stamp styles all around the bag and made sure to do some off the edges to look like a continuous patterns 
  • I poked holes in the center and sides of the bags and threaded some bakers twine through. 
  • I die cut leaves out of silver paper and attached it to all three gifts to coordinate. The cut outs from the centre of the leaves and put them into a wax paper envelope to make a small tag.
  • I stamped on the tags for the recipient and couldn’t wait to give it away! 

6) The very last one! Once again, simple yet effective.

  • I misted some ribbon over a sheet of kraft and the negative of that left a really nice pattern and glimmer on the kraft paper. 
  • I picked out some pine cones, simply dipped it into some glue and then purple glitter to match the misted paper.
  • I stamped a vine pattern onto some paper, cut in random angles to create a geometric look, and once again edges it with Tim Holtz vintage photo to match!
  • I tied a piece of lighter twine around the gift and attached the pine cone and tag.
& there you have it, my roundup of gift wrapping styles and a mega tutorial! Hope you all enjoy this! Please comment if you have questions and Have fun. 

Weekly Picks

Today I want to share some awesome things! I have found a need for a blazer to pair with my tops. I want to make sure its not too stuffy or fancy because I don’t want it to look all professional on a regular day. I found this really nice boyfriend style blazer from Talula (Aritzia). I Love this burgundy colour however I will probably end up getting black so it is more versatile. It has the perfect fit, long enough so your longer tops don’t awkwardly stick out, and loose enough that you are not too bothered by the extra layer.The fabric is also really nice, and lightweight.

I also want to really get my hands on this skull face ring by Lazy Oaf (Asos). It is different from the regular skull rings that have been popping up everywhere. I think the little face on it looks cute and not so scary! I also think you can double this as a tube ring by simple turning it around to have it plain gold! I think everyone loves a 2 for 1 deal! Another thing I just got is chunky gold nail polish by OPI (Sephora) and it looks amazing! I used it as a top coat over a coat of nude polish and it was stunning. I love the look of the chunky glitter versus the fine glitter.

A trend in scrap booking and paper products that is popping up all over is wood. Wood veneer used as paper, as ornaments and establishments. These cute wooden feather tags from the great lakes (Anthropologie) I love gift tags and gifting and really like this combination of wood and colour that I showed in last weeks picks. I may pick some of these up today and can’t wait! 

Lastly, sticking to the wood veneer theme I will share this purchase from the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. This beautiful print is by the Unik Printshop. They make silk screen prints on wood veneer. I loved this camera wood veneer print. The art of silk Screening is something I can appreciate  I taught myself how to screen Print and it was a long process. The artist drew this image and the print it onto the wood veneer piece. I Love Cameras so I had to purchase this!