Preview: DIY Card Crafting Kit

Hi Everyone!
 Just thought that I would show you guys a preview of what’s to come. I have been busy preparing kits for the new year. These will be available for purchase after the first workshop for those attending, after that they will be put online on my Etsy Shop for sale. So if you decide to attend the workshop, you will have first dibs on these! 
I have carefully put together things that I think would be perfect for crafting and getting your creative minds going. All Items are listed below.

Each kit will be unique and different with coordinating colors.

Each kit contains some Washi tape, twine, paper punch outs, floral punched strip, Japanese tissue paper, handstamped paper bag, a card base and one sheet of vintage encyclopaedia page, hand cut and stamped tags, small tiny clothing peg, a button, resin flower and brad. This will be enough to get your creativity going and get you a card or a few! This is perfect for those who want to craft but don’t know where to start. Keep checking back for more kits as they are released. If you are not going to be attending the workshop, you could still pop by around 3:30 to snap up a kit or other materials that will be on sale!
Leave comments on your thoughts, I would love to hear them! 

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