Valentine’s Day cards are up for sale!

Here is what I was busy DIY-ing this weekend! They are slowly being posted on the Etsy shop, ready to be ordered! If you live in Toronto and would like to meet up to save on the shipping fees, this can be arranged as well. You can send me a message though my Facebook page for that. I have already had a few people asking about the cards and their availability will be updated as I go along right on the Facebook page, so keep updated there!

Hope these inspire you to create some of your own, or to share your love for Valentine’s Day. If you choose to make one of your own, remember to hashtag #eatlovecraft on both Instagram and Twitter (find me at @dasootas and follow).


DIY Hanging Tissue Paper Fower

Hey Everyone! Here is a great new project for the weekend. You should all know one thing about me and Valentine’s Day; I Love it! It has always been my favourite holiday of all time since I was a child. I am preparing for Valentine’s Day by decorating the mantle at home with lots of pinks, reds and white! I am slowly working on some projects in between my school work. So far, I have created a cute hanging tissue paper flower (with two colors), a decorated candle that sits on some smaller tissue paper flowers and a card holder. The card holder is a combination of a paper heart chain that would mimic a wreath and a board I wanted to create for a ‘mailbox’ for cards. I will have a small DIY tutorial in another post for that project.
For this project on how to make a hanging tissue paper flower you will need:
  • 8 sheets of tissue paper (This one was 20×20, the smaller it is the smaller your flower will be)
  • Twist tie
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • thread for hanging

Layer and align your sheets of paper so that all the sides match perfectly. My red sheets were a little longer so I trimmed them to match to the pink. I loved the printed sheet with polka dots, I thought it gave it a cuter look. This is the best way to make a two color tissue paper flower.

This is the easiest way to make the tissue paper flower. All you have to do is fold it accordian style while making sure all the tissue paper sheets are always aligned and straight up against each other. Fold on the shorter side, making one inch folds. If you make them 1.5 inches the flower will be larger. Keep going back and forth flipping it over after every fold. Remember those paper fans you would make on hot, no air conditioning school days? Well, it’s the exact same method!

Once it is all folded and becomes one strip, carefully fold it in half, length wise, so that the ends meet. This step is to make sure you can get a good crease into the tissue paper middle.

Slip the twist tie into the middle of the crease you made, you can also use a thin guage wire for this step. The remaining ends of the twist tie can be made into a loop for hanging.

Were almost there! Use your pencil (or, pencil crayon in my case!) and make a rounded edge by tracing something circular or by free hand. I used the thread spool to trace it so I could get a perfect shape. Once you do this on both sides, carefully cut along the line. Don’t rush this part. The tissue paper will be really thick and you want to make sure you dont have any slips from your scissors.  


After you cut it along you will see that the shape is coming together. If you did have a slip, thats okay, the flower will be spread apart and be very fluffy. No one will notice!

Spread out the folds carefull and try to get them to lie flat. Before you can start pulling the tissue paper apart, put the thread through the twist tie or though the loop if you made one. Make sure you make it longer than you need, it will be hard to get back in there if it is too short.

This is the fun part. Slowly separate each piece of tissue paper from one another. Be patient and try not to let the tissue paper rip.


Make sure you are getting right to, or as close as you can to the twist tie.
Once you have pulled it all apart, play around with the puffs and the tissue paper so that you can have a good size and shape. Hang it from the celing or you can stick it to a wall with a few of them to make a fun back drop!

There you are! A crafty way to bring some Valentine’s Day fun into your home!

DIY Document Carrier

Now that I have officially started school again (Yay! Yes, I am excited about it) I had to make myself a cute little document carrier. This is a simple project and it doesn’t take much at all. This easy DIY is perfect for back to school. Here is what you’ll need:
  • 1/3 of a yard of fabric (cotton)
  • Something circular to trace
  • Seam Binding
  • Pencil
  • Sewing Basics
    • pins
    • needles
    • thread

Need Instructions? 

Start by measuring fabric out to how big you wanted to make the carrier. Make sure you follow any pattern if you’re fabric has one. As long as it is a rectangle you will be good to go! This one started out at around 25 x 20 inches. Make a marking along the middle of each side and connect lines with a pencil. Make sure you are working with the wrong side of the fabric so it doesnt show later on.

 Once you make the lines just cut along all the lines so that you have a diamond shape.

Take the circular object that you have on hand and trace the edge so that you can have a rounded corner. This will make your carrier have less of an envelope style. I used a mason jar lid because it was the perfect size (& also because I love mason jars!). Make sure that you trace the rounded edge up to the same length so that all corners have the exact same sized corner.

Trim the corner off on all sides. Pin your seam Binding or any other trim around the edges with both right sides together. (not pictured) Once it is pined all along, sew it on all the way and one you turn it around it look look like a clean edge. This will give it a different look compared to having it just plain.

Pin your edges as far in as you would like to go. They can overlap one another or stay a little apart. I made mine stay a little apart and brought the bottom one up to join all three together. 

I hand stitched the edges together starting at one bottom corner and made my way to the middle and then did the second corner to the middle. The key is to always pin! Pin first then sew. I did not do this part in my machine because I didn’t really want to push through such a small piece of fabric into my machine.

And there you have it!  A lovely new document carrier to look fancy in class!

DIY Taylor Swift WildFox Couture Heart Sweatshirt

Hey Everyone! Here is a new DIY for y’all. Something new I am trying for 2013 is to get more posts up and more projects out. I wanted to share this project asap because it is so easy and also because Valentines Day is only a month away! I loved this shirt that Taylor Swift wore and really wanted it but was not going to pay $129 for it! That is when my creativity took over and had me thinking ‘Hey, I could just make this!’ 

Here is the Original Version 
(Keep reading to see the final result!)

This DIY is really Simple and you don’t need much at all. One of the perks is that it cost less than $10! (Thats two in a Row!)

 For This DIY You will need:
  • Sweatshirt (Kensington Market $7)
  • Martha Stewart Multi Surface Glitter Acrylic Paint ($2.50)
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Contact sheet or any other sticky Paper
  • Pencil
  • Mod Podge

Start by Drawing a heart on the Contact Paper

 Cut it out

Place it on the shirt and be sure to get the edges stuck on very very well. I used a glue stick around the edges just to make it extra strong. Because the sweatshirt was cotton I knew the glue wouldn’t stay stuck.

Start Painting! I painted in from all the edges first, and then made my way into the middle. I waited one hour between coats and did two coats. 

I left it to dry over night and then peeled off the contact sheet. I finished it off with some Mod Podge to seal it in. This isn’t required according to the paint label but I wanted to make sure I had it done in case of any future glitter fallout. 

Here it is after the drying. Turned out really well! I can’t wait to wear it out.

DIY Studded Clutch

This is one of my favourite things I have made so far. The best part is that it cost less than $10!

For this DIY you would need:
  • 1/3 yard of vinyl or pleather ($5)
  • Lining material (on hand)
  • Brass Paper fasteners ($3)
  • Awl
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
    • Sewing Machine
    • Chalk
    • Scissors
    • Ruler/Measuring tape
    • Pins

*I have steps here on how to create the front studded part of the purse. I will link out to a YouTube video for instructions on how to put everything together.

The first step is to take an existing clutch or book that is the size you want your new one to be and measure around it. Add one inch to each edge to create your border and cut lines. For example, if your desired size is 7×4, your cut fabric piece will be 8×5. You will have a total of four piece to cut.

2x pleather 
2x lining fabric

On one of the pleather pieces measure and mark one inch squares. I used my cutting mat and a ruler. This will be to know where to make holes for the fasteners. 
Mark the sew lines around the edge so that you don’t pierce a hole by accident.(Before adding any holes or fasteners!) This is where you will be sewing.

Using an Awl or a sharp tool, make holes on each intersecting point all across the fabric. Once again, remember to avoid the edge lines. 

Poke all the fasteners through the front. Make sure that each row is alternating so that the wings lay in opposite directions. This will create stability. Clip or cut off the outer edge of all the fasters that are along the sew lines with a wire cutter. I learnt this the hard way and broke a needle. You want to make sure nothing is in your way so that sewing sails smoothly. 
After all the ‘studs’ are added on you can start putting the bag together. 

I followed instructions over on YouTube with wonderful explanations by the SorryGirlsStart their video at the 2:30 mark for putting together the pieces. Ignore the batting and the triangle top(which in this case will be straight).