DIY Studded Clutch

This is one of my favourite things I have made so far. The best part is that it cost less than $10!

For this DIY you would need:
  • 1/3 yard of vinyl or pleather ($5)
  • Lining material (on hand)
  • Brass Paper fasteners ($3)
  • Awl
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
    • Sewing Machine
    • Chalk
    • Scissors
    • Ruler/Measuring tape
    • Pins

*I have steps here on how to create the front studded part of the purse. I will link out to a YouTube video for instructions on how to put everything together.

The first step is to take an existing clutch or book that is the size you want your new one to be and measure around it. Add one inch to each edge to create your border and cut lines. For example, if your desired size is 7×4, your cut fabric piece will be 8×5. You will have a total of four piece to cut.

2x pleather 
2x lining fabric

On one of the pleather pieces measure and mark one inch squares. I used my cutting mat and a ruler. This will be to know where to make holes for the fasteners. 
Mark the sew lines around the edge so that you don’t pierce a hole by accident.(Before adding any holes or fasteners!) This is where you will be sewing.

Using an Awl or a sharp tool, make holes on each intersecting point all across the fabric. Once again, remember to avoid the edge lines. 

Poke all the fasteners through the front. Make sure that each row is alternating so that the wings lay in opposite directions. This will create stability. Clip or cut off the outer edge of all the fasters that are along the sew lines with a wire cutter. I learnt this the hard way and broke a needle. You want to make sure nothing is in your way so that sewing sails smoothly. 
After all the ‘studs’ are added on you can start putting the bag together. 

I followed instructions over on YouTube with wonderful explanations by the SorryGirlsStart their video at the 2:30 mark for putting together the pieces. Ignore the batting and the triangle top(which in this case will be straight). 


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