DIY Document Carrier

Now that I have officially started school again (Yay! Yes, I am excited about it) I had to make myself a cute little document carrier. This is a simple project and it doesn’t take much at all. This easy DIY is perfect for back to school. Here is what you’ll need:
  • 1/3 of a yard of fabric (cotton)
  • Something circular to trace
  • Seam Binding
  • Pencil
  • Sewing Basics
    • pins
    • needles
    • thread

Need Instructions? 

Start by measuring fabric out to how big you wanted to make the carrier. Make sure you follow any pattern if you’re fabric has one. As long as it is a rectangle you will be good to go! This one started out at around 25 x 20 inches. Make a marking along the middle of each side and connect lines with a pencil. Make sure you are working with the wrong side of the fabric so it doesnt show later on.

 Once you make the lines just cut along all the lines so that you have a diamond shape.

Take the circular object that you have on hand and trace the edge so that you can have a rounded corner. This will make your carrier have less of an envelope style. I used a mason jar lid because it was the perfect size (& also because I love mason jars!). Make sure that you trace the rounded edge up to the same length so that all corners have the exact same sized corner.

Trim the corner off on all sides. Pin your seam Binding or any other trim around the edges with both right sides together. (not pictured) Once it is pined all along, sew it on all the way and one you turn it around it look look like a clean edge. This will give it a different look compared to having it just plain.

Pin your edges as far in as you would like to go. They can overlap one another or stay a little apart. I made mine stay a little apart and brought the bottom one up to join all three together. 

I hand stitched the edges together starting at one bottom corner and made my way to the middle and then did the second corner to the middle. The key is to always pin! Pin first then sew. I did not do this part in my machine because I didn’t really want to push through such a small piece of fabric into my machine.

And there you have it!  A lovely new document carrier to look fancy in class!

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