February 2013 Whimseybox content

I was gifted a one year subscription to Whimseybox as a birthday gift back in February (Eeeep!) and have been anticipating to share it on here as soon as it arrived. After waiting almost two months, I finally got my February Whimseybox! I was really excited to get it but they had a few shipping issues. My March box is already on the way so I am sure it was just a short hiccup. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a few products to give you a creative boost. With what they send and your own stash you can make tons of things. They also have samples of things made from the kit’s content each month which can also get you started. There are also submissions from other people who have made things from the boxes too. I love the surprise in waiting for my box and discovering what is inside!

I would just like to share the content from my February 2013 box so that everyone can see what you can potentially get if you decided to order. Another thing I love about the service is that I can get all the new on trend things without having to buy them separately or in my case, go crazy buying everything in every type of product in the newest trend. 

The Contents this month included:
  • The Whimseybox Storage box. 
    • This box is awesome because its a sturdy white box with velcro closures and a label plate for easy organization 
  • A 5×7 Print. 
    • This is a part of each box every month. 
  • 2 rolls of washi tape. 
    • One gold chevron and really cute triangle print.
  • 2 pins
    • one with the Whimseybox logo on it and one with arrows which I love. I am going to remove the pin part and turn it into a flair for scrapbooking.
  • 3 plain wooden boards
  • 1 notepad
  • 1 clear pillow box filled with rubber bands
  • coloured rubber bands

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