March 2013 Whimseybox content

My March Whimseybox got here a while ago, and finally want to share what was in it!! 
This months box includes items with a specific project in mind. If you’ve been on Pintrest, there is no way you could have missed it at all. I was really happy when I opened the box to find:

A block of wood about 1 inch thick, about 5×7
2 spools of nice, thick twine in Orange and Purple 
2 spools of wire in blue and 
1 paper of 4 designs templates
1 5×7 geometric. Print 
1 metre of ribbon

Excited to see what was inside?

I plan on making the ampersand with the wire, and may get another block of wood that I have lying around (or from last month) to make the geometric diamond shape. I plan on just photocopying the page so I have the pattern to use multiple times. 

The Background has an old washi tape of mine and some homemade letterpress business cards that I made a few days ago. The tutorial to that is here. 

I finally have a 2 week break so I will be making tons of things and hopefully sharing them here. 

Until then, 

Happy crafting! 



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