Rose bobby pins are up on The Shop!

Hi Everyone! I made these super cute Rose/ Flower Bobby Pins that are now on sale on my Etsy Shop. I have been in the midst of making a ton of new things and will be posting them on the blog Whenever I get a chance. These are available as of right now and are super cute! They have been handcrafted by me with lots of love! They are great for the summer and are only $3!!
Check them out (or get one!!) if you get the chance.
Happy Crafting

The Strategic way of using Pinterest (besides getting a ton of inspiration!)

Pinterest has been around for a while now and it seems to be the number one place to get inspiration and instructions for almost anything. There are tons of ideas on this social media platform, but there are different ways that many people use it. I thought of the best way to use Pinterest as a social media platform. For me, it has been a great place for inspiration in the crafting world, weather it is for paper crafting, handmade objects for the home, gardening, cookies etc.  

Using Pinterest to generate traffic to a blog post is a very good idea. One of my most viewed posts gets most of its traffic from the Pintrest pin I had posted on my own page. The best way to post it onto your own Pinterest page is to use the ‘pin it’ button from your actual blog post to pin it onto a board. This will make sure that the photo will always link back to your blog post. All blogs should always have the ‘pin it’ button on their blog so that it can remind the reader to do so each time they hover over a picture. 

Make sure that your board has a category defined or else it won’t be found by people just browsing though the explore menu.  Being organized with your boards is also a good way for you to know where to place your work. Some people only follow a certain board because it has a good title and good content that is all related. 

It is a good Idea to put your post into two boards. One can be titled ‘My own DIY’ if that is the case, and if you have multiple boards then put it under another relevant category. So, for example, my DIY paper flower post is under the ‘My own DIY’ board as well as under the ‘All sorts of Paper flowers’ board. This way, I can get more people to pin my stuff.

Now, as for users, there are tons of types of people who use Pinterest  in their own unique ways. There are a few types of uses Pinterest  gives to people and these uses are based on the people who use the platform.  Almost all of these people will click through on the image to get to the original source of the post to see more, but the more organized they are (in my opinion) the more likely they are of actually revisiting that page. Most people fall into a category of how they use Pinterest or are a combination of a few. Here is a basic breakdown of your typical Pinterest user:

1.     The Liker
2.     The Repinner
3.     The Organizer
4.     The Creator
5.     The Curator
6.     The Explorer
7.     The Home Pager
I will leave it at that and this post will be continued with a detailed description of these categories.

Do you fall into any of these specific categories? Do you think some need to be added or eliminated? Comment below with your thoughts.

Here you can see images of what ways I have organized my Pinterest Account. 

Until next time, Happy Crafting! xo

Gift Wrapping Inspiration and DIY

I absolutely love wrapping gifts! Heres what I did with a bridal shower gift this past weekend. 

I used:
Washi Tape
Map Paper
Embossing powder
Mini Clothes peg
Shipping Tag
Versamark Ink
Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China
Martha Stewart Heat Tool

I wrapped it with some map paper and 1.5 inch tule ribbon in a green similar to the tones on the map. I used a shipping tag and gold embossing powder and stamp to add a sentiment. I added washi tape along the corner tucked it under the ribbon and pinned it on with a tiny clothes peg. 

I also gold embossed the wooden peg by pressing the top of it into some Versamark ink and then heat embossing the gold powder.

 The envelope matched the tag and gift wrap by having some washi tape along the edges. I added a circle cut out of the map paper to coordinate. I used foam adhesive to put the name of the recipient and inked the edges blue with some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Broken China.

Sisters in Stilettos Event. Sunday May 26, 2013

Hi All!

I have been really busy helping out with an event that is right around the corner. I thought I would share this with so people can come out! 
You can follow the event’s blog here. You can win tons of prizes, tickets can be bought at the door or from any representatives in your area in Toronto. 
There will be a fashion show, vendors and even an appearance from Saman from Saman’s Makeup and Hijabs.
I will also be selling some of my newest additions and collection (yay!) and my newest stuff will be up here soon. EXCITING!
Hope to see you there,
Happy Crafting!

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Hi Everyone!
As you all (should) know, I absolutely love mason jars! I use them to store things, as planters, for salads and to make things with.

I really wanted to update my bathroom with some newer things without really breaking the bank. Thats when I realized that it shouldn’t be too hard to combine a mason jar with a pump to use as my mason jar soap dispenser. This is an easy mason jar project and doesn’t cost much money or time. 

Here is the DIY for making it yourself.
You’ll need:
1 mason jar in a small-medium size
1 soap dispenser pump (use one already on hand or go to the dollar store!)
A Hammer
1 nail 
A soft foam block

Measure your pump and trim the straw looking thingie (yes, I don’t know what it’s called!) at an angle so that it fits your jar and isn’t too big.  

Take your mason jar lid apart, you will need the inner part to poke a nail through. Make sure the hole is wide enough to put the pump through and thats it! 

If you want to glue down the edges of the pump, you can do so with some E6000. I would recommend keeping it apart so that you can wash it out properly when needed.
Easiest mason jar project ever!
Happy Crafting!