DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Hi Everyone!
As you all (should) know, I absolutely love mason jars! I use them to store things, as planters, for salads and to make things with.

I really wanted to update my bathroom with some newer things without really breaking the bank. Thats when I realized that it shouldn’t be too hard to combine a mason jar with a pump to use as my mason jar soap dispenser. This is an easy mason jar project and doesn’t cost much money or time. 

Here is the DIY for making it yourself.
You’ll need:
1 mason jar in a small-medium size
1 soap dispenser pump (use one already on hand or go to the dollar store!)
A Hammer
1 nail 
A soft foam block

Measure your pump and trim the straw looking thingie (yes, I don’t know what it’s called!) at an angle so that it fits your jar and isn’t too big.  

Take your mason jar lid apart, you will need the inner part to poke a nail through. Make sure the hole is wide enough to put the pump through and thats it! 

If you want to glue down the edges of the pump, you can do so with some E6000. I would recommend keeping it apart so that you can wash it out properly when needed.
Easiest mason jar project ever!
Happy Crafting!

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