Pinterest User Types. Which one are you?

Last week I posted about the strategic way of using Pinterest. I left you guys with a list of the typical Pintrest User. I have amalgamated a list of seven and will be explaining these further in this second and final post about Pintrest users and usage. 

So once again, to recap, here is the list:

1.The Liker
2.The Repinner
3.The Organizer
4.The Creator
5.The Curator
6.The Explorer
7.The Home Pager
11.The Liker: This liker is the kind of person that really just scrolls down the ‘explore’ menu. This user is the one who does not really follow anyone, does not make or use the boards and really just uses the social media platform in a gallery type style. The Liker is constantly liking photos, not really clicking through to the original source unless they are highly interested. They also have a ton of likes collected on their like page but don’t really check it, its messy and unorganized. If at any point they do check it, it is because they remembered that they ‘liked this on Pinterest once.’ 

2.The Repinner: This is the person who scrolls through the explore menu and saves the things that they like for later by repinning. This person uses the default boards on Pinterest and just repins to fit into one of the already-provided categories. They are willing to go the extra length to save what they like, and organize it in some type of broad way. They may go back to their pins to recall something that they once had pinned, but they will have a harder time looking for it because they have a smaller amount of boards to house a larger amount of pins
3.The Organizer: This is me. I am an organizer. I repin, I organize and I have many boards so that I can organize as exactly as possibly. I have a board for each category that I put together. I curate through those who I am following and through the explore menu. At times, I repin from blogs and my own blog, but not as often as I would like to. I create each board very specifically to make sure that I am not throwing together two categories into one. I do have one or two boards that are broader categories for things that fall under similar things but I still need to organize. Think of that junk drawer you have (or Friends’ Monica and her mess closet!)

4. The Creator: This is the pinner that uses Pinterest to put up their own content. They are really good at getting their content repinned by sharing it on other social media, by having an active account. They have stuff repinned and liked as well, but their main focus is the push of their own content. 

5.The Curator:This is the pinner who goes around on blogs, different websites and searches all over the internet for cool things that could they could pin that appeal to them. Most of them are also organizers, they create specific boards for things to be put on and each thing they choose creates a sense of style that their account possesses. Content curation is something that is an art and alot of corporate accounts 

6. The Explorer: This type of user is similar to the liker. They browse. They look through the explore menu, they don’t like things or pin things. They have an account just for the use of being able to browse through the different categories in the Pintrest explore menu. 

7. The Home Pager: This pinner follows people, they don’t do the work on their own. The people they follow have the boards organized the same way they want and they only browse through their home page. They find people to follow through blogs, twitter and Instagram. Usually these are blogger’s accounts who have already built up their audience. 
After reading through these descriptions, which pinner type do you fall under? Did you think you were different prior to reading this? Are there any types that should be added together?
That’s it for now!
Happy Crafting.

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