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As tons of bloggers know, Google Reader is shutting down on the upcoming Monday. I have been using a mix of the Reader and Bloglovin’ for some time now and I love the way that Bloglovin’ works. It has an app for the iPhone and iPad, you can set up weekly or daily emails for your feed and it let’s you favourite posts so you can go back to them later. 

I used the Bloglovin’ tool to import my existing list on Google Reader into the new platform. I actually feel like I am getting more out of my list and reading my blog roll. Having a website that puts all your favourite blogs together into a comprehensive list is pretty handy. You can also organize your blogs into categories within this reader platform which is really handy when you’re someone like me who has a whole array of hobbies, ranging from jewelry making, scrapbooking, home decor and even gardening! You also get a preview with images for each feed that helps you decide weather you want to keep reading or not. 

I would definitely recommend Bloglovin’ if you are looking for something to replace your Google Reader feed. There are a few other sites and apps that can be used to bookmark blogs. You can use Pocket, Digg, Feedly etc. 

If you follow alot of blogs I would say sign up for a Reader replacement now! Make sure to follow me on your new weapon of choice. Click here to Follow me on Bloglovin’. I also have a Twitter, Instagram(@dasootas) and Facebook account that I update almost daily with things I’m working on as we’ll as things from my personal life! Check out the right hand sidebar for links to these pages! 

I should have a DIY post coming up soon!
Happy Crafting!

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