When I heard about Foldable Me I got really excited and pumped about this mini paper craft. I put it together in a few minutes and it’s had a lasting impression on anyone who’s seen it. The first words my siblings said were something like, ‘Woah, that is so cool” and asked where I got it. Foldable Me was a Kickstarter funded project and the concept was great enough to be funded within a few days with about 1000% of their intended goal. 

I finally got a chance to put mine together and had some fun placing it in different places within my house. Before I got my order, I was able to make myself similar to how you would make a nintendo wii mii character. It was a fun process choosing from tons of eyes, noses, outfits and more! I decided to build it when I had a good amount of time to play with it (I know, I know…)

Foldable Me offeres free shipping internationally and you can get and make your own mini right here!

Here is my little Foldable Me just chillin’ and Hangin’ out in my favourite spots. If I could shrink down a la magic school bus, this is probably where I would go. 

This is probably how it would feel to chill in a mason jar, and yes I have a pretty good collection of mason jars. (don’t judge me…)

 Here is me, almost born

 Here is me just hanging out with my crafting supplies

 Here is me just chillin’ on my typewriter

and finally, who would’t want their own #ootd shot?

**This is a sponsored post. Regardless, I will and have only recommended products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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