DIY Mason Jar Herb Planters

Mason jars and chalkboard paint? Yes! I have been working on this project for quite sometime (it only takes a few hours) because I was waiting for my pasta sauce jars to empty. I also wanted to make sure I did this project on a day when I was okay to get a little dirty! 

If you have always wanted to own a plant without killing it, this is the right step to take! I am a pretty forgetful person if I don’t remember to write things down. That is a major reason why I don’t tend to keep plants in my house. I made sure that if I was going to try and take care of some, they should be easy plants to take of and maintain. These are the best plants to have in an apartment. Growing herbs in your apartment is very easy and does not take a lot of space. 

Planting herbs is cheap (I got each of mine for about $3) and you can get them when they are already pretty grown so that way if you’re impatient, like me, you can already see the green! I made sure to keep the herbs in a place where I could see everyday so I was reminded to take care of them. At first, I kept them on my desk where I crafted with a small dish at the bottom. After replanting one of my herbs into the Mason jar, I decided to wait until I had enough jars for the rest. It was a messy task, but I enjoyed every second.

Instruction after the break. 

Clean off the label of your jars by soaking them in warm water with some soap. Take the plant by the root and gently pull it out of the existing container. Place it on a surface with some newspaper underneath so that you just just wrap the mess away. 

Take a Popsicle stick and slowly shave the sides of the dirt off so that it becomes skinny enough to fit through the mouth of the jar. Take some stones or pebbles to line the bottom of the jar so it can act as a filter for water. Place plant inside and then take the remaining dirt and pack it into the jar.

Swipe some chalkboard paint across the front of the jar and let it dry. Write the names of each herb onto the jars. I took a basket I already had and used some twine to wrap it onto the balcony railing. This lets my plants enjoy the sunshine and because my craft room is right next to it, I always remember to water them.

It is as simple as that! Hope you enjoyed the DIY.

Happy Crafting

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