DIY: Colour Block Ring or Washi Tape Holder

Hi all! 

So about three weeks ago I made a trip to the Target Canada dollar section. I love this section of the store because I can find the cutest things for super cheap. I think the best days to go are when they are doing a turn around of season and they put up the new things. I am pretty sure these things go fast! The last time I went however, it seemed like they still had this ring holder in stock, so I would go to target and grab one for this DIY colour block ring holder. Although this is a ring holder, I used mine to hold my washi tape and glitter tape. 

Colour blocking is a trend that has been going on for a while, and lately everything gold has also been everywhere. I decided to take both those trends and put them together to create a really cute ring holder that can be set aside from the generic colours available at target. This is an easy and cheap DIY and costs less than $5. It cost me a total of $1 because I already had spray paint on hand (from this project) . You can make this in any spray paint colour, especially if you want to know what to do with leftover spray paint from another project. 

Click through for directions. 

Wrap whatever amount you want to stay white with some masking tape and/or paper. Make sure the bottom is always taped across, I had to respray mine because I did not make sure the tape was in a total straight line at the bottom, no one will see it, but I just wanted mine perfect.

Spray paint the remaining part with spray paint (I chose gold) and then make sure you let it dry for a long time. Make sure the gold part is not directly on the drying sheet. You don’t want paper stuck to it!

When peeling off the tape, a bit of the paint peeled away with mine…I’m an impatient one haha! Once it is done drying slowly peel away the tape and thats it!

A quick craft that can cost just $1! I loved making this, I have one more that I will probably colour block with some patterned washi tape. You can use this as a washi tape holder, jewelry holder and more! Have fun with it

Happy Crafting

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