Playing Whimseybox Catchup

It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about these lovely boxes I keep getting every month. I have to say, the excitement I feel when I get one in the mail doesn’t seem to go away. Each month I get them, I feel the exact same way. Here are some images I pulled off of the Whimseybox website for a peak.

I will be posting detailed images with what a list of what exactly is included in each box in separate posts. Here are pictures of what comes in the Whimseybox every month. These range from May 2013-September 2013.
I haven’t had any complaints from this subscription, aside from the fact that at times I miss a box and then get two at once. I think this only happens with Whimseybox’s Canada Shipping times. I have taught myself to forget that I even have a subscription so that when I do get a box, its super exciting!
 If you know anyone that loves this kind of stuff, I think it is the perfect gift. They will always be reminded that it was you who got it for them. More points for you!
Enjoy & Happy Crafting!



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