Pantone Colour of the Year for 2014

On Dec. 5, 2013 the 2014 Pantone colour of the year was announced. Radiant Orchid has rosy undertones and is a very versatile colour. It will work well with pinks and purples and contrast perfectly with greens, yellows and turquoise. It gives a real sense of a nostalgic spring and soft, relaxed days out on a breezy day. 
This colour will inspire fashion, graphic and interior design worldwide. It has already hit runways and will soon start. 
I absolutely love pantone and how they have centralized colour. There is so much you can learn and take away just by studying and working with colours. 
My only complaint is that after being the successor to Emerald, it is a little bland. I think I may have been expecting something more vibrant and energetic.
What are your opinions of the new 2014 colour? Are you Pantone obsessed like me?
Check out their website here and the press release announing the colour here. 

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