DIY – Re-purposed Roses

In the last few weeks, I’ve had roses, bouquets and potted plants hanging around all over the house as a result of a series of events. I love having fresh flowers on the house and think it should be on everyone’s grocery list at least every other week.
Flowers and greenery bring out a fresh and energized feeling in the home – especially in the spring when the weather in Toronto hasn’t decided what it wants to be yet!
Having so many roses in the house, I knew they would all eventually dry up and die at the same time. Now usually, I let flowers run their course, let them die and then toss them out. I am not one to hang the bouquet upside down while my flowers are looking the best that they’ll be just to get a perfectly dried bouquet. If you feed your flowers with the water and food they need, they can last up-to two full weeks looking pretty decent!
What I did this time around was repurpose my dead roses to get one more use before getting rid of them. Because these were sentimental roses, I wanted to be sure to keep them for a little longer.
Here’s a quick DIY for your dried-up roses:
Get a vase that you think will fill to the top with the roses.
Snip the roses right at the top so there is hardly a stem left.
Pile them nicely on the vase with the tops showering along the sides of the glass.
That’s it!
 Would you try this DIY? What other vase shapes could this work in? Let me know in the comments below!

Bridesmaid proposal

You read that right. I got engaged! 
I am so excited to share the first part of my engagement process and a preview to one of the many DIY Tutorials that are to follow leading up to the wedding. Details on how I make all these items will be shared with a series of blog posts over the next year as there will be quite a few elements. I will also share details on the fonts and templates!
If you see below, I have shared ideas for a bridesmaid proposal kit based on things I liked as well as the colours I want to incorporate into my wedding. I used mint, navy, peach and white with hints of purple. If you’re wondering what to put into a bridesmaid proposal box, see below for photos and inspiration. I have also listed out what I had in each box!
My boxes included:
  • Mint EOS lip balm
  • Essence peach glitter/pink nail polish
  • Hand-stamped cotton drawstring bag with my bridesmaid’s initials on them to personalize. Each bag was filled with lavender for them to keep in a their drawers.
  • Cards with instructions and details about the bridal party, wedding day, the dress and their role.
  • A personalized library card note from me to each one of my girls.
  • Paint chips with the colour scheme and range the girls can choose for their dresses
  • Photos to inspire dress ideas, wedding feel and the look I am going for (Couldn’t let myself out – Too much FOMO!)


Brides who DIY

Hi all!

I skipped a few weeks again – I know! But to make up for it, I have an exciting announcement next week and a a string of DIYs connected to that which I will be sharing. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a really fun thing I am going to be doing in collaboration with a group wonderful, inspirational women. I am working with Hafsa of Hafsa Creates, a fellow artisan, Nicole of, the go-to wedding website for Muslim brides and Sudduf of the Salam Shop. I highly recommend checking each one of therm out! 

The Salam Shop is in inspirational lifestyle boutique for modern Muslims. It is located in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in Canada (about 30 minutes west of Toronto). The shop houses products that are handmade, ethically produced, fair trade, and organic. Salam Shop takes great pride in carefully sourcing only the highest quality products from predominantly local brands and artisans. They carry home décor, art, apparel, stationery, health & beauty products, books, toys, jewelry, fresh flowers, and halal treats. They also house an in-shop café serving organic and fair trade teas and coffees, as well as baked goods. 

I will post  the DIY I will be leading on June 6th in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!