Bridesmaid proposal

You read that right. I got engaged! 
I am so excited to share the first part of my engagement process and a preview to one of the many DIY Tutorials that are to follow leading up to the wedding. Details on how I make all these items will be shared with a series of blog posts over the next year as there will be quite a few elements. I will also share details on the fonts and templates!
If you see below, I have shared ideas for a bridesmaid proposal kit based on things I liked as well as the colours I want to incorporate into my wedding. I used mint, navy, peach and white with hints of purple. If you’re wondering what to put into a bridesmaid proposal box, see below for photos and inspiration. I have also listed out what I had in each box!
My boxes included:
  • Mint EOS lip balm
  • Essence peach glitter/pink nail polish
  • Hand-stamped cotton drawstring bag with my bridesmaid’s initials on them to personalize. Each bag was filled with lavender for them to keep in a their drawers.
  • Cards with instructions and details about the bridal party, wedding day, the dress and their role.
  • A personalized library card note from me to each one of my girls.
  • Paint chips with the colour scheme and range the girls can choose for their dresses
  • Photos to inspire dress ideas, wedding feel and the look I am going for (Couldn’t let myself out – Too much FOMO!)


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