DIY – Re-purposed Roses

In the last few weeks, I’ve had roses, bouquets and potted plants hanging around all over the house as a result of a series of events. I love having fresh flowers on the house and think it should be on everyone’s grocery list at least every other week.
Flowers and greenery bring out a fresh and energized feeling in the home – especially in the spring when the weather in Toronto hasn’t decided what it wants to be yet!
Having so many roses in the house, I knew they would all eventually dry up and die at the same time. Now usually, I let flowers run their course, let them die and then toss them out. I am not one to hang the bouquet upside down while my flowers are looking the best that they’ll be just to get a perfectly dried bouquet. If you feed your flowers with the water and food they need, they can last up-to two full weeks looking pretty decent!
What I did this time around was repurpose my dead roses to get one more use before getting rid of them. Because these were sentimental roses, I wanted to be sure to keep them for a little longer.
Here’s a quick DIY for your dried-up roses:
Get a vase that you think will fill to the top with the roses.
Snip the roses right at the top so there is hardly a stem left.
Pile them nicely on the vase with the tops showering along the sides of the glass.
That’s it!
 Would you try this DIY? What other vase shapes could this work in? Let me know in the comments below!

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