Brides who DIY workshop recap

As you may have seen on my social platforms, I led a really fun workshop at the Salam Shop in collaboration with in Mississauga about a week ago. We had a great group of brides come out to learn fun DIYs that you could incorporate into your wedding while staying on a budget.

This was a great workshop where we shared fun stories, had yummy snacks, learnt about one another and everyone’s upcoming wedding plans. It was a a great time meeting new people and learning new crafts and I would highly recommend coming out to our next workshop we have.

If you are getting married soon, I would highly recommend reaching out with any DIY questions or better yet, host a private DIY session for your bridesmaids and you. It would be a really fun bonding activity for your bridal party and you’d also be getting quite a bit of work done at the same time. I have worked with many bridal parties to organize their DIY wedding favours or wedding card sessions.

Email me for more info!

I have shared some photos below from the event.


Ramadan is coming (+ free printable!)

We’ve all heard it before – Winter is coming. Well, maybe only those who watch the Game of Thrones, but for Muslims around the world, Ramadan is coming.

With Ramadan right around the corner, Muslim households worldwide are starting to prepare for the auspicious month, preparing to make it the better than the last. This includes a variety of things including food prep, iftaar parties, weekend post-iftaar plans and even preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr – oh of course, increased prayers(!).

While I start preparing on my end, one of the things that I kept in mind was to keep a 2015 Ramadan calendar on my desk at work. Now, I am not sure about everyone else, but we usually get ours from the local masjid (mosque) and keep it on our fridge to count down follow along to eating and prayer times. At our house, we race to cross the day off so we can get closer and closer to the Eid celebrations. You will always see thick black permanent marker lines across the calendar in our house and my cousins always know that this is a thing we ALWAYS do!

What I wanted to do this year, was keep a calendar with my at work, on my desk, so I could quickly reference it for iftaar salah times. The Ramadan Calendar that the mosques provide are usually quite large and don’t really match the artsy theme I have going on on my desk at work. Because of this, I decided to make a fun printable Ramadan calendar that was pretty and could fit perfectly into a space that’s been carefully curated to look beautiful.

I have shared this for download.

If you live in the Toronto region and would like to pick up a printed copy, please email me or message me via my Facebook page and I can arrange a pickup or mail out to you.

I would love to know any fun family Ramadan traditions that happen in your household. Comment below!

Happy Ramadan!