Project Wedding: Here I go!

Now that I am past that ‘ more than a year left’ mark on the wedding planning ship, I seem to be in a weird overdrive to have anything ready and done by the end of this year. I am (IA) getting married in May of 2016 and of course, having a lot of DIY elements to my event. Since this is the case, I don’t think that’s the right timeline.

I plan on continuing this series until next year in order to share and post all my wedding-related projects on my blog. It’s likely that a lot of it may get posted after the wedding since I do want to keep some things a surprise for my guests!

Below, I have listed all the things I know I am going to be making, but I would love to hear if you guys have any questions on other DIY projects that you may want answered or even shared on here.

So far, I know I am making:

  • A Floral crown for my e-shoot
  • Kim Kardashian-esque flower wall/backdrop. I will be likely keeping this for myself and my new home which is why I decided to make it vs. rent it via a decorator
  • Invitations
  • Menu cards, place cards, program cards etc.
  • Wedding favours for guests (I will keep what they are a surprise until after the wedding)¬†
  • Centerpieces¬†
I will also be sharing some great advice with over on their blog as well as hosting a fun DIY workshop for brides and their wedding party. I can’t wait to attend the convention this October. Are there any brides/grooms-to-be or bridesmaids/groomsmen attending?

I would love to meet you there and hope you get a chance to attend by FREE workshop! Keep an eye out on their website and my Facebook page for an announcement and additional details!