Project Wedding: Sports-Themed Engagement Party + Giveaway!

Yes. I had a sports-themed event and it was great! I was able to get really creative with the details, decor and even with the food. Once again, a lot of DIY sports-themed projects that can work for weddings, engagements and any elegant party. Another fab perk of having a sports-themed wedding is that you can easily get your fiancé excited about planning an event – a great way to prep them for the upcoming wedding planning process!

Before I got into the thick of things, I set up a Pinterest board to gather ideas and inspiration. There are not a lot of very elegant sports-themed ideas out there but I took bits and pieces from everywhere (including children’s birthday parties, weddings, restaurants etc.) before gathering the pieces I wanted to keep for myself.

I’ve shared some photos below with inspiration for a sports-themed wedding, engagement party or event. Our party was also featured on The Wedding Co. Blog! See the post here.

The best way to have a unique engagement party idea is to be open to everything. Get ideas and inspiration from places you would not really think you would find any and always see how you can use one thing in multiple ways.

On October 3rd, I will be demonstrating this exact concept at the convention. Join me on the main stage to see how I use ‘one vase in 5 ways’ . I am also giving away tickets to the convention on my Facebook page so head there now and enter away!

Have a specific project in mind but don’t know where to get started? Sign up for the DIY workshop that’s free with admission to the convention. Space are limited so I would hurry! Simply sign up, email us what you plan to make and we will work with you to create a list of project materials to bring. At the workshop, we will have all the tools you need as well as a personal tutorial to your project with guidance along the way. This is a great way to incorporate your Bridesmaids into your wedding planning so they have a fun time!

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Photos by Belinda Burtt Photography. 


Eid-al-Adha Inspiration & DIY

 With the summer still with us, there really is a chance to celebrate Eid outdoors without any rain or cold weather (fingers crossed!). For the last Eid, we celebrated outdoors and it was really fun! We brought all our gifts outside, decorated the yard and had a relaxing  time without having to worry about sitting at the kids table about how many people would fit on the table.

Below I have shared some photos from Eid including gift wrapping ideas for Eid gifts and Eid money envelopes. I got these great printables from an Australia-based graphic designer, in my studio. You can download them for personal use here.

The great thing about printables is that you can use them in many ways, not just how they are intended. I used the lantern print out to decorate the plain bags and printed the tags on clear sticker paper to put onto plain envelopes. You can take a peak at the custom bags and cards on my Instagram feed here. All using the same printables in many ways.

What are your Eid plans? Do you exchange gifts on this Eid as well or just on the first?