Blog post: Social Media and your wedding day

With social media playing such a big role in everyone’s life, its inevitable to sneak it’s way into every event in your wedding. Now I think there are two types of people when it comes to social media and hashtags for a wedding. First, there are people who don’t care or prefer nothing to even be online and there is nothing wrong with that, but I fall in the other category – I want everyone to share away!

As a professional communicator who works within the social media realm, I know I will have my wedding online and on social media because that’s just what I do! I have already created a hashtag, shared it with my friends at our engagement party with signage, tacked it along all my social media plans related to my wedding and will also have it on signage at the wedding reception and on my wedding invitations. I have also downloaded the WedPics app and created a profile under the same hashtag (#TKap2016). The app is great – it lets your guests upload all their photos from the wedding so that the couple can download them all for their own memories. It also means it will not flood their own social media platforms with every single photo.

A friend of mine had used this app this past summer and created a game for her guests to make sure they took photos of specific things during the event including photos of the bride speaking with her mom, photos with her bridesmaids, a photo of the couple laughing etc. This made it easy to get the guests to get onboard with actually uploading photos that the couple could cherish from their wedding day, from their point of view while also giving the guests something fun to do.

I also love the idea of having creative signage with he hashtag displayed. They can be on menu cards, wedding invitations, chalkboards etc.  I’ve shared a photo of the sign I made and browsed Pinterest to share some of the ones I liked best.

Let know what you think!


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