Project Wedding: Digital Wedding Stationery – Top Tips

When it comes to anything with paper, inks, printing, designing – you know I am in. I will be making my own wedding invitations this winter and will be doing some DIY letterpress invitations to be exact and I am so excited!

The one thing I am struggling with is the amount of invitations that I have had the need to make and send out since I got engaged. I had one for my engagement announcement, another for the party, I will need one for the save the dates and lastly, one for my bridal shower and this is all aside from the actual wedding invitation. How will I manage to make all of these? Go Digital!

I decided to go digital with a few because for some events, you can get away with that. This included my original announcement, the engagement party invitation as well as my save the dates (haven’t sent them out yet!). These were easy to create using Photoshop and some online software. The thing you want to make sure with anything you send out is that it still represents you. Digital save the dates don’t have to be boring and if you look below, I will prove it to you!

Keep these tips for digital wedding invitations in mind:

  • Test our your emails to with your bridesmaids and wedding party
  • Upload the image into the body of the message and make sure you do this on the computer you uploaded it from – don’t save a draft and send it from elsewhere! I made a big mistake of saving a draft from my home computer and sending it from another computer. It still showed the image the email body when in draft mode but ended up sending a blank email to everyone because there was no actual file on the second computer of the image. 
  • BCC everyone so that you can send it all in one shot while CCing your partner.  This makes it personalized and sent from both people while keeping your contact list private.
  • Use a good subject line. Most of my friends don’t get emails from me so I wanted to make sure the subject line did not look like spam. For a subject line for Save The Dates make sure you put the couples or your name along with what the email is for so that it doesn’t seem like spam. For Example: “Tasneem’s Bridal Shower”. This is easily recognizable and those who are invited will know this is real because they will already know their friend is getting married. 
  • Lastly, keep it fun and don’t stress over it! If you love paper like me, print off a few copies and give them out to your closest friends for memorabilia or send it via iMessage or Whatsapp to your group chats if that’s easier! 
Here are some I created for my announcement and party:

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