Halal-on-the-Go to the rescue!

Well, the wedding is officially a week away and I couldn’t be more excited (and stressed/nervous and so on! It’s been a great experience going through this process and maybe one day wedding planning will excite me again, but right now I’m a teeeensy but exhausted and really just want to move into my new place and start working my decorating project. Yes, I will always need to be on the go and busy to be me! 
The one thing that I have learnt through this process is to always be prepared in advance. If there are things that can be done before, just get them out of the way. Why wait until the 11th hour? You’ll be plenty busy and have way too many unexpected things pop up out of nowhere, things you just didn’t expect! 
A little over a month ago, a family member sprained their ankle and while it’s still healing, AH it’s getting much better. I also had lots to work back and forth with my caterer, decorator, planner, venue and everyone in my family – it’s been pretty crazy! And with all of that, I was simultaneously moving into a new apartment, setting it up to be ready for next weekend and getting a bunch of paperwork setup for that. So to say I was busy, is just hitting the surface. 
A big thing that I always do is prep in advance for my week (since work isn’t really optional!) is to meal plan. When it comes to crazy busy times it’s harder to want to spend time making food when you can just buy some. With trying to eat healthy and work out all during wedding season, you’ve got to really plan everything out. That’s where these amazing chicken pies come in! 
Honestly when I was asked to give them a try, I opened my arms with a giant sigh of relief! Getting a filling meal in a one minute microwave pack was a lifesaver in these last few weeks. I kept a few packs at the office and had some at my new apartment and obviously a bunch at home. The best part was that everyone loves them (Including bridesmaids who’ve been dragged to your house for more DIY projects….). With healthy options and white meat, it really was the best part of this crazy time. 
Eating fast, halal, healthy food isn’t always possible and Mortimer’s Halal Kitchen made it really easy to do everything I needed to without worrying about food. You can find these delicious Halal-on-the-Go pies at your local FreshCo, Sobeys and Longos in the meat department. If they don’t carry them, ask them to order them in! Don’t forget to like their Facebook page to keep up with new products and learn more about the current ones! 
Want to try some on me? Just follow the instructions on my Instagram post to enter to win a $50 grocery card from Sobeys. 
Good Luck! 

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