#ProjectWedding – Overview

I have finally got around to posting some photos from my wedding on the blog! I know I shared my journey throughout the year but there is a lot of I have not shared – including these photos!


Henna Party Stage Decor

My wedding was a total of four days. Yes, a lot but its sort of the norm in my culture. The first night was the henna party while the second was the day of the ceremony – a brunch and daytime event.  After this, I had two receptions – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Let’s just say I am glad I had some time off before heading back to work!


Overlooking the First Day Nikkah Reception Stage with head Table in the foreground

The reason for two wedding receptions? Typically we have the first with a majority of the bride’s guests while the second is with mainly the groom’s guests. At times, these events can be merged into one but they can become really big!

T&V Wedding - Day 3-194.jpg

Second day Walima Stage Decor

Here’s a teaser of a mix of photos for you to enjoy. Comment below with any questions you may have and I will keep that in mind while I organize more photos for upcoming posts. These posts will be focused on each event’s details and how to save money when planning for a big wedding.


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