Kaaba in Masjid-al-Haram in Makkah's Grand mosque

Hajj Series: Tiny Tips for Hajj Planning

The last post within the series really just shares a few little tips that don’t fall under any specific category. I may come back and update this as I recall things.

There are so many little tidbits to remember and this is only the PLANNING portion of this series. Still, to come are the actual days of Hajj and how to take on Madina during Hajj time.

Now here are the few things that are useful to know when planning for Hajj:

  • Do not plan to travel outside of the country at least 3-4 months before your departure date as your passport will be unavailable since it will be sent off to get a visa.


  • Some groups may provide you with certain things but this can change year-to-year. From our group, we got a full set of luggage with the company’s name and info, a backpack, a string bag (though we found our Nike one to be much stronger and noticed that the one provided by the group had broken for a lot of people), a very, very useful side bag/fanny pack, travel adapters and bags for our shoes as well as our stones that we would collect in Muzdalifah.


  • Load the Quran onto your phone. While waiting, traveling and during the days of Hajj, it can be difficult to carry your Quraan safely. This makes it a lot easier to get more reading done and not worry about accidentally taking your bag into the bathroom or placing it on the floor. To make this easier, pack a portable charger as well!


  • When leaving to come home, you can get a gift of a new Quraan from the airport. Once you go through security, there is someone sitting on the side handing them out. Pay attention to the version you get so that it is actually legible for you.


  • Make Friends! You’re going to need a support system as the days get tougher. You will naturally find people you will get along with who think the same way you do. Be there for others and others will be there for you as well!


  • Not everyone will be a happy camper but positively will take you a long way. If something doesn’t work – that’s okay. There are people who are in a much more difficult position than you are in.


  • Take care of your health – try to eat well when you can, practice walking before you go and prepare for being very tired – all the time!


  • There is lots of food handed out during the Hajj season – the Saudi Government is very generous to Hajj pilgrims. Sometimes, it is a little too much. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people outside that may not have enough money for food. Try sharing first so that there are packaged leftovers to give to those who might need it.


  • Shop in Madina – it’s much calmer and this way, it is already taken care of before you get to Makkah


  • If you are ordering a large number of dates – you have the option to ship it home. This keeps it safe from going bad but if you don’t have that option, be sure to keep it in an air-conditioned space for the entire time.

Keep in mind, this list will likely be updated every so often so check back closer to when you leave. I actually can’t believe I finished this!

I will be sharing this on my Instagram and on Facebook. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or on either platform. I will try to share direct messages and questions as a highlight on my page as well so that I can share as much info as possible.

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