Eucalyptus with Scissors and Twine

DIY – Easy SHOWER eucalyptus bundle

While we’re all sitting at home during quarantine, it’s really difficult to get yourself to really do something. You start your day with all these tasks and say that you’ll do this, that, and the other but in the end you tackle one thing – or half of it before giving up. This just seems to be the reality of being in a lockdown during the winter months.

One thing I have tried to do is start my day a little earlier. I feel this little step has really helped me find more time in my day when there is daylight and helped me create a little bit of a routine that doesn’t just revovle around work.

To get myself really awake, I start my day with a warm shower, praying and some kind of simple physical activity. No, not the gym kind – I am not there yet. I do a few stretches by following some realistic Yoga YouTube videos. My personal go to is Sarah Beth Yoga because there is such a huge library of free resources with videos in any length I am looking for. The key for me is to do SOMETHING – even if it is just 10 mins. On my lazy days, I force myself to do even that much so that I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

It’s a really great change of pace when you wake up for something other than work. You’re doing it for you.

If you know me, you know I like going the extra mile – always. So even for my morning showers, I wanted it to feel a little more special – more spa-like, if you will! For this reason, I made myself this DIY Spa-life Eucalyptus Shower Bundle. It is so easy and really is an easy 5-min DIY that you can actually start and complete.

I have shared my quick TikTok/IG Reel below that shows you how to put one together. Below this, I’ve typed out the list of items you need and instructions.

You will need:

  • One bundle of fresh eucalyptus
  • Twine or cotton string
  • Rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Water

Start by separating out the bundle and pull off leaves from the bottom to create a clean stem. You need about 3-4 inches at a minimum. Snip the bottom of the stem at an angle when you’re done so you have a nice clean look.

Wet your hands (eucalyptus gets sticky!) and gently crush the leaves to allow the oils to release.

Using your twine, create a slipknot to tighten over your bundle. Gather all of your stems together and slide the string over them to tie them together. Once it is tightening, wrap the string along the stem to create a nice look. When you’re satisfied with how it looks, tie a rubber band to it so you can hang it off of that. You can also use the string to hang it – I just find it a little easier with the rubber band.

and that’s it!

DIY Shower Eucalyptus Bundle with twine and Scissors

Now, this is really best for steam showers and best placed below your shower-head. My shower-head already has a caddy attached so I placed it on a different wall with an adhesive hook I purchased from Amazon. Here’s the hook that’s in my video.

Hope you give this a try – it is really so easy! Be sure to share it online and don’t forget to tag me if you do! Don’t forget to follow me for more DIY ideas!

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