Coffee cart syrup bottles with minimalist labels

DIY: waterproof pantry/kitchen labels

Ever since the start of the pandemic, I have been trying to organize my pantry and the biggest part of it was getting nice labels onto the jars. Though this isn’t a post about my pantry , rather about the labels, I will be sure to have a full separate post just dedicated to the building out of my pantry setup.

I designed the labels easily on Canva and worked on a minimal design with some fonts that I thought paired well together. The key thing with making DIY Pantry labels or even labels to go on coffee cart syrup bottles is to ensure that you are using waterproof sticker paper for your pantry labels. There’s nothing worse than having paper labels and not being able to wash your jars or canisters – or washing them and ending up having them bleed and peel off.

I shared a video over on my TikTok and Instagram on how to make these to help visualize the process. You can see it below with additional instructions and links below that.


DIY pantry/coffee cart labels are super easy to make on your own. Give this a try! #diy #pantryorganization #pantry #coffeetok #organize #coffeecart


Luckily I have a label printer at home but you can also get waterproof label paper for your regular printer. Search the term ‘weatherproof’ and you will be able to find a handful of places that you can purchase these from. Because I have a Dymo XL, I used these weatherproof labels from Uline. If you need waterproof or ‘weatherproof’ labels for a regular printer, I would recommend using these.

I used Canva to design my labels. Two things to ensure you do – set your paper size correctly and save as PDF in order to print. I chose to cut them on my own because I wanted a custom size but you can find labels that are already cut to specific sizes if that works for you. I used a paper trimmer to make this easier as it has the ruler markings and it makes it easier to cut. Here’s one that is similar one to mine. I love this trimmer – I’ve always used these overs scissors to get a perfect straight line and would highly suggest buying one if you like doing paper crafts or small DIY projects.

After this, it is just a matter of sticking them all on. Now, I am not too picky about the exact placement or even the exact matching of each label in terms of the cutting/size. As long as to the eye it looks close enough, it works for me. It’s usually why I do it for myself vs. others – handmade items are never usually perfect!

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Coffee Cart Syrup Bottles with Minimalist Waterproof Pantry Labels

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