Last-minute Eid gifts for everyone on your list

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to a close,  which means Muslims across Canada are excitedly awaiting the celebratory festival that marks the end of the month. 

This year, Eid-al-Fitr will take place on May 12th As with all holidays over the past year, this too will be impacted by lockdowns and gathering restrictions. however, that’s no reason to put your celebrations on hold. With virtual events rising in popularity, decorating the house, scheduling gift drop-offs and feasting with members of the same household, there are still plenty of ways to get creative and enjoy your  Eid celebration. 

Gift-giving is a big part of Eid celebrations in Canada and across the world. We’ve grown up surrounded by adults and older siblings showering us with gifts and the traditional ‘Eidie’, an envelope cushioned with cash. Now that we’ve grown up, it’s our turn to start adulting and continue the Eid tradition.  Although we’d all love to have our gifts purchased, wrapped, and waiting by the door already, the reality is that many of us are still searching for the perfect gift to surprise our loved ones with.  

Well, look no further!

Below is a list of local Canadian BIPOC-owned businesses to help you begin your search! 

For Him: Getting gifts for the men in your life can be difficult. How many socks, watches or new wallets can one have? With summer around the corner, check out Kap Swim, for modest men’s swim shorts f that cover you from navel to knee!

For Her: Masks are here to stay for a little while longer, and sporting one with a hijab can be pretty inconvenient when you can’t reach your ears! These Hijab-friendly silk face masks from Honey Hijab are not only breathable and soft on your skin, but they also tie around your head instead of being hooked to your ears.

For Mom: It could just be me but the “I don’t need anything” from moms makes it difficult to gift them something they can enjoy. That’s where beautiful floral arrangements can come in. Flowers are a little drop of sunshine for anyone and the arrangements by Bilqees of  Zuhoor Designs are the perfect gift for your mom or mother-figure in your life.

For Dad: As dads are hopping onto the beard trend, this Beard Kit by Elegance Beard comes with everything they’ll need to groom their new beard, so mom can finally stop asking him to shave! 

For the New Mom: Just thinking about babies getting massages is cuter than ever. Give new moms a little bit of a break with a Snuggles and Bubbles baby Spa gift card for her and her little one!

For the kids: Eastern Toybox has so many great gifts for kids from wooden toys, books, puzzles etc. There are unique gifts for all the kids on your list. 

Coffee Connoisseur: Hailed Coffee started off as a modest shop in east Chinatown, Toronto. It has grown to an additional location that not only runs as a coffee shop but offers specialty roasts like their Arabic coffee as well as unique handcrafted, made-in-house- chocolate bars that draw inspiration from their Middle Eastern roots. When they start their day off with this flavourful drink, they’ll be sure to send a little prayer your way.

Prints for the art-lovers in your life: The subtle muted tones of this collection of prints from Muse Avenue are not only on-trend but the purchase of them also means that 30% of proceeds are donated to charity. It’s almost like two gifts in one!

Prints for the younger ones: Speaking of prints, these colourful yet subtle prints from Fifty-Four Degrees are perfect for those tweens looking to transition their rooms from their childhood rooms to big kid rooms.

Skincare: This Toronto-based pro-ageing skincare line, Root to Glory’s top seller, Face Base is a well-rounded face oil cleanser and serum. A hard-working product that works just as hard as the user!

For the decorator: For those who love home decor, there is just never enough things are always being moved around and changed, as classic pieces are repositioned and repurposed over and over again. These classic pieces by Tea and Tulip designs are exactly that. Timeless work that goes with any style.

For the sweet tooth: Sweet treats for Eid are a must! These giant stuffed cookies by  Golden Crumb Biscuits Cookies are the perfect indulgence after a month of fasting. We guarantee they won’t last long!

For the family chefs: Spicy, Salty, Sweet, Tangy, Umami. A unique twist on the traditional XO sauce, XOXO Sauce is an all-purpose that will become a pantry staple. Batch-made by Oakville-based Chef, Marvin Flores Palomo.

For the one who never needs anything: I’ve got one of these in my life! Every year I donate on his behalf to a charity and spoil him with a small treat instead. A great place to find meaningful causes is the Muslim-based crowdfunding website, Launchgood. With campaigns from all over the world, global reach, a dedicated Canadian support team and zero platform fees there will certainly be a cause close to your recipient’s heart that can be supposed on their behalf.

For those who appreciate stationery: I am a sucker for a nice card and beautiful design. These Eid cards by Custom by SOP are soft to the touch and will look beautiful on the mantle year-round. A small but meaningful token for those you can’t give in-person to. 

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