Eat: 2016 Cookie Swap

I thought really hard about hosting a cookie swap this year as I’ve been extremely swamped with so much going on at work, with the wedding, I am back in school etc. I decided not to forego it this year because I really do love doing it and so do all of my friends. Compared […]


Eat: The bottomless pit of Foodie videos

You know that moment where you get onto YouTube to watch one tutorial on how to do just one quick thing but end up in the black hole of video-watching? Well that’s me, all. the. time. I can’t stop watching videos or going through an entire channel if I come across awesome food videos. Watching […]


Paper, Plants and Provisions

Just as we hit the halfway point of Ramadan, I finally found some time to write a blog post, host a dinner and make it my kinda fancy. I called my friends over for a small iftaar and realized that I enjoy hosting smaller groups of people now in comparison to when I was much […]