DIY camel wrapping paper coasters

One week of Ramadan in and I’m already thinking about how I want to wrap gifts and plan out my Eid. I got my hands on some goodies from this year’s Honey Lemon Events collection including wrapping paper, stickers, tattoos (got some fun ways to use this up my sleeve!), washi tape (this never gets old!), mini cards, greeting cards and more.

The first thing I wanted to do with the wrapping paper was to NOT use it as wrapping paper! I saw every other way to use this and maximize the pretty design.  One of the things I plan to do with the black and white Happy Eid wrapping paper is to frame it and use it as a part of my Eid mantle display. Here’s what my Ramadan display looks like!

This week I used the Camel, Camel wrapping paper from Honey Lemon Events to DIY a set of coasters – these are really easy to make and honestly took me about 45 minutes at max to put them together!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tiles that are large enough to be coasters
  • Wrapping paper
  • Adhesive felt squares

How to make DIY wrapping paper coasters

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  1. Use a full tile sheet and cut away the four pieces needed. Peel away the back netted portion
  2. Cut a portion of the wrapping paper out that you want to be shown on your coasters
  3. Using a pencil, trace around the tile
  4. Cut slightly outside of the trace line to ensure you have enough room to cover the edges of your tile. Snip slightly between the edge at every corner to allow for folding
  5. Crease down the fold where the edges are so that you can get a straight, clean edge
  6. Brush mod podge on the tile (if your tile is really shiny, rough it up with some sandpaper)
  7. Lay the wrapping paper on the tile and brush mod podge on top of it – do not use a heavy hand as this can end up wrinkling or ripping the paper. Brush along the edges as well to get the paper wrapped all around so that no more of the tile shows.
  8. Place the tile on something smaller than it in order to dry – I used a candle but you can also use a mason jar or anything else, just so that it doesn’t stick to any surfaces from the edge.
  9. Let dry for 24 hours and enjoy!


DIY: Budget Industrial TV stand

I am a late kinda gal, let’s face it! Regardless, here’s a blog post for this week.

I built this TV stand when I moved into my place because I wanted something that was affordable but had an industrial look.


This entire DIY industrial TV stand cost me only about $50. I got the cinder blocks off of Kijiji because I wanted them dinged in a bit and the wooden planks from The Home Depot. You can also find brand new cinder blocks at your local Home Depot.


The wooden plank was one large piece which they cut in half for me right at the store. I also purchased a sanding block to make sure the plank was smooth with no risk of splinters (crucial step!), as well as some sticky felt floor protectors.


After hauling these heavy blocks home and giving them a bit of a clean-up, I placed the felt stickers on two of the blocks which touched the floor. After this, I simply added a second block on top, placed down one plank before repeating the process for the top layer. You can do this with different dimensions or shorter planks to create an DIY industrial bookshelf or display shelf as well.


This is a super-easy DIY project which could be completed in an afternoon. I usually have a wooden crate of blankets and some coffee table books on my shelf but we are in the process of moving to a new place and some of my things were already packed away!


Would you build something like this? Any other home-related DIYs you may want to see? Let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, follow me online on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Catch you later!



DIY: ‘Paris is Always a Good Idea’ Pillow + Free SVG Download

I am always up to help friends when needed and its no different when it’s in the crafting department. I mean, heck, I love this stuff, I live for it. As soon as she told me what she wanted made I got the process in my mind and knew I could use it for a DIY so it was a win-win situation.

All over Tumblr you can find the ‘Paris is Always a Good Idea’ Pillow. Since we could’t find it anywhere else, Doing it Yourself was the next best option! 

I loved how this pillow turned out. It makes me want to just make burlap pillows all day. I used an electronic cutting machine for the stencil. An alternative to the Silhouette Cameo is simply a print out and an X-acto knife. 

(Please excuse the photos, in all honestly I was too excited to get my real camera!)

For this DIY you will need:

Silhouette or Printer and X-acto knife

Shelf-Liner vinyl (Dollarama)

Plain Pillow or T-Shirt 

Fabric Paint
(I used screen printing ink)

Foam Brush

Extra Fabric or Silicon/Foam shelf liner 
(to put between fabric layers)

Paris is always a good Idea
SVG silhouette download: Silhouette 

The first thing we did was grab a pillow from Winners/Homesense. Winners is a great place to find pillows at a good price and also for almost one-of-a-kind items.

After creating the design on the the Silhouette Software (or on anything else) just feed the vinyl in the machine to get cut. If you are cutting it manually, secure your piece of paper on top of the vinyl with tape and cut through both pieces at once.  The one thing I realized when doing a second cut for a T-Shirt was to make sure you remove all air bubbles with a credit card so that the vinyl is flat. 
Remove the backing and place on top of the pillow or T-shirt. To get that perfect stencil image on fabric, make sure all the edges are pushed down and remove any bubbles. 

Make sure to stipple the brush onto the fabric. Because I was using burlap to paint on, the best way to get the paint settled is to use the stippling motion. so make sure you are using your foam brush and just dabbing. This will also prevent the edges from peeling back.

Once it is done, let it dry completely. Peel off the vinyl after a few hours. Place a piece of fabric over the design and run an iron over it to really set the paint. 

There you have it!
Happy Crafting

If you don’t have your own cutting machine, email me for a quote for a custom one.

Weekly (but really, monthly) Picks

Haven’t done this in such a long time, but its really because school (as much as I love it) is taking up every waking minute of my life! Now that I came back from Chicago, (will post about this later) and am officially on March break, I will be posting more during this week. I will make some posts ready to go out for the next few weeks so I can share more with everyone! I will also (for now) be changing my Weekly Picks, to a monthly sort of thing so that I can update it more frequently.

The first thing I wanted to share is this lovely reclaimed walnut wood tabletop. If anyone is looking to buy a reclaimed wood tabletop, tables or any décor within Toronto or the GTA, I would most definitely hit up this place! 

Now that summer is (hopefully, soon) coming, I am all about headbands and fun colors! I love these cute knot hair bands that I found on Etsy, take a look though the shop, there are some lovely things hidden there.

I love to scrapbook, I haven’t shared anything here yet, but that is coming as soon as I have enough things ready to go! I love using Thickers, they are my favourite kind of letter stickers and remind me of the puffy sticker collection I had as a child. These are a great foam set by Amy Tangerine for American Crafts in a foam rubber mulberry style. 
Chevrons are everywhere right now. I love this pillow available at Chapters/Indigo. The use of white with burlap makes me melt! I love the combination of burlap and anything so I had to add this pillow into my picks.

I’ve been finding myself in Chapters almost weekly because they have the most beautiful entertaining section. I always end up leaving with something, usually a home décor book or magazine because I am really into home styling at the moment. I walked past this beautiful tea cup and saucer set and wanted to purchase it immediately  If I had the space for it I don’t think I would have hesitated one bit. Once I settle and  have my own place that is the exact colour of china I have chosen to collect. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed these picks, I may do another next week if I get a chance, but if not then next month it is.
Hope spring comes fast.
Happy Crafting!

2.Knot Headband – Aidie’s Hideaway
4.Chevron Pillow (Anything Chevron really!) – Chapters/Indigo

Organization: How to Organize Jewelry

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would go through some basics in terms of organization seeing as I was in the perfect to mood to tidy up. I chose to show you how I  organize my Jewelry today and have a third that was recently done that I would love to share. 

Now I have tons of jewelry and want to make sure I can see it all so I can wear all my jewelry and not forget about things I have. I prefer having things out and in the open so that I can be aware of what I have and make use of it all. I have a few things I use for organizing jewelry. 

  • Trays
  • Ready made Necklace Holder
  • Ready made Bangle display
  • Thrift store finds


I have a few things I use personally. I have a tray I purchased from Winners for $10 and got it because it was really pretty. I did not get it with the intention of using it for my bangles but it did become my bangle/bracelet tray in the end. I also came across two handy bangle organizers while shopping at Urban Outfitters while they were renovating. They were selling some of their display items and paid only $5 for each piece. Remember that you want to keep bracelets that can open or clasp around your arm on these types of organizers, that way you can access them without removing everything else. All bracelets that don’t open and just slip on are what I keep in the trays. This makes it a lot easier to go to and grab. This was a real steal and super handy because my tray was getting very full and I wasn’t really able to see what was deep down under. I used a Glass coke bottle in the center of the tray and have my hairbands coming out of the center. 


 Also from Winners/Home Sense I purchased a dedicated necklace organizer which is equipped with tons of hooks at two different levels. One for longer necklaces and one for shorter. I found this handy until I realized I had a ton of long necklaces and really needed to find a better way to work with those. For me, these are my organized mess, however I think I may redo/Reorganize a few things if I get the time.

I finally got some tiny screw in hooks at Home Depot and screwed them into the moulding I have running across my bedroom. I chose a small corner and that is where I keep my jewelry tray and stands. 

I also found a nice little wooden box with small compartments and put some hooks onto it and hung it from the wall. I use this for my rings because it looks like a nice display and also keeps my rings very organized. 

My studs are the things I reach for the most, I keep them in a little Godiva Chocolate pearls tin and just dump them out to pull out my favourite ones. I find that this is the easiest way for me to keep them.

DIY: Book Paper Flower

This is a tutorial I found on Pintrest and decided to do a rendering of my own by following the instructions from it.

For this project you are going to need:

  • Book Paper
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stem / 20 gauge wire/Thin wooden dowel
  • Green grosgrain ribbon
After choosing your book paper, cut out 5 pieces of 5 arch shapes in 5 different sizes for a total of 25 pieces. Make sure you keep the font in one direction so that the final product looks cohesive.  
Ben the center of each ‘petal’ and create a rounded edge by curling in the top to give a more natural shape.

I used a mini clothing peg to hold the petals together in order for the crease to be really crisp. I had arranged 5 sets from smallest to largest. 

Once you are satisfied with the crease, start with the smallest piece a wrap around the wire, dowel or stem. I had used a stem from an old faux flower of which I had cut the top off. 

 Using the white glue in the creases attach the petals to the stem.
Slowly build around the center point in circles, keeping the petal tops rolled out and curved. Hold the newly placed petals for a few seconds so that they don’t peel off and are surely stuck on. 

You will slowly start to see the shape of the flower coming together and make sure you place newer petals between 2 of the older ones so there are no gaps. 

Once you are satisfied with the spacing and all of your petals are used up move on to placing a ribbon of your choice to cover up the ‘seams’.

 I chose green because the color of my stem was green. Another choice would be to use cream so that it could blend in with the paper.
Once you are done you can leave it as it, or use a mist to add some color. I used Tattered Angels glimmer mist in juneberry.
 And there you are! A beautiful paper flower. You can make multiple ones to create a couquet to put against the window.


The Mishmash of Pencils.

So here is what I stash away in a box where no one else can see. Pens and Pencils galore (& this isn’t even everything!). I have always had a thing for buying more schools supplies even though I already had some or buying a pen here and pencil there because it was cute or because somehow I could not wrap it around my head that I already had some yellow number 2 pencils at home-unused and unsharpened. Until today I had not taken everything and put it side by side to reveal what I collected over the years. I am at a point where I cannot just toss these out and I also cannot just leave them there unused. That is how I came up with an idea to use them and display them in a way that I could repurpose them and upcycle them, yet still enjoy them without feeling like I have wasted them. 

My goal for this project is to come up with a piece to use all of these pencils and pens to create something new and display worthy. What I have in mind is to cover a large piece of plywood in every single one of them (except maybe the reaaalllllyyy pretty ones!). I have visioned a board which I glue gun everything down to the raw brown board and then I will spray paint the entire piece one colour. I am thinking gold spray paint because I love sparkle and shine, however, since I do share a room with my sister I will have to get her approval on the color choice. I am hoping to work on this today and have everything glued today. I am either going to create a chevron pattern across because that is really in right now, or then have straight uniform lines across horizontally or vertically. That is my starting point for this project, I will add photos throughout my process. 

What would you do with that guilty stash that you just can’t toss out? Leave your comments.