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Summer Vibes: Backyard Essentials


If you have been following along on my Instagram stories, you will have noticed that we have moved from our Toronto condo to a house (still in Toronto), and the timing for this couldn’t be better! With the summer creeping up, I am so excited to start gardening, having BBQs and of course, decorating the new space.


Our backyard already had a large deck, firepit (find your fave one here), and a cute gazebo and I wanted to fill the space up with some furniture and seating space as quickly as possible so I could start enjoying it. Although it’s a process (houses are hard work!), and we’re in the middle of Ramadan, I have done as much as I can! I would still like to add some white sheer curtains around the gazebo to keep bugs away and some raised garden beds to bring some more greenery to the back! Read on to see what I did so far.¬†


To start with, I picked up some really fun dishes. I really wanted to get the most colourful things I could since my interior home decor is mostly monochrome and minimalist. I spotted this super cute flamingo/tropical-themed melamine dinner set for outdoors and knew I had to have it! During the Victoria day long weekend we went down to the U.S. to shop and I fell in love as soon as I saw these at Target (I am still not over the fact that they left ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠).


After grabbing the dishes, I rushed like nobody’s business to get the number one summer must-have¬†‚Äď string lights! The best way to get anything you want asap is to just order online. My go-to for home decor, accessories and furniture is Wayfair. I absolutely love them since it’s a one stop shop for everything that I need. Another perk is that I never have to worry about delivery fees or cramming everything into our car!¬†


I also got my hands on a backyard dining table and a small table-top BBQ. Both of these items are things we debated over in terms of purchasing. Mainly because we are not sure how long we will be in a house and don’t want to commit to a large BBQ or a massive table if we won’t be able to bring it along with us! One last thing I may want to add is an outdoor rug below the table and I am already eyeing some beautiful ones on Wayfair…¬†


Since we don’t have a year-round summer, it’s a good idea to consider how often you’ll be using these types things.¬†It is also a good idea to think about how many people will be using these items. For me, it’s just the two of us, and as much as I enjoy entertaining, realistically it doesn’t happen often enough for me to justify splurging. Again, another great place to score good deals is online or even on Kijiji.¬†


One of my favourite things I put together for the backyard were the seats around my fire pit. They’re just cushions on top of some pallets but they are the perfect height and have the cutest al fresco dining vibe for a summer backyard! As I add more things, I will share more backyard DIYs so keep an eye out!¬†

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Wayfair - Summer Outdoors

Project Wedding: A Pantone-themed Bridal Shower

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All signage for the event was Pantone-themed

With spring ‚ÄĒ and love ‚ÄĒ in the air, it is officially the start of¬†wedding season! As I slowly go through my photos from last year, I realize I never really shared the fab Pantone-themed bridal shower that my bridesmaids put together for me. This is a theme I really wanted to execute and knowing me, I know I wanted to have a hand in at least passing along some must-haves and working on a few DIYs.

bridal shower, pantone, wedding, purple theme, diy. bridal shower ideas, bridal shower theme, pantone theme party

DIY large-scale poster backdrop

A big piece of the shower decor that I worked on was the Pantone backdrop for the dessert table. I designed and put it together on Adobe Illustrator and then printed off using Adobe Acrobat Reader with the tiling option. You can see the instructions for printing a poster at home¬†here. This made it super affordable and easy to have a big ‘wow-factor’ backdrop without the price tag.

perfume station, perfume bar, diy, pantone theme, purple theme, bridal shower ideas, bridal shower

Setup of the DIY perfume bar

There was a DIY perfume bar where guests could make their own little rollerball perfumes and mix their own scents. This was as simple as setting up some essential oils, a carrier oil and having the bottles and droppers ready. The guest also got a chance to name their scents by making a small label for themselves. This small activity was easy to setup and a great way to keep guests entertained. If you would like a post about this setup, just comment below!

bridal shower, pantone, wedding, purple theme, diy. bridal shower ideas, bridal shower theme, pantone theme party

Pantone-themed favours and bridal shower games!

Other small details of this event were little drink tags using circle-punched paint chips and adding a Pantone-style code to each one. ¬†Paint chips were also used to create the¬†banner and as a photo mat for another¬†game. It’s all about aesthetics! The¬†best part of this was that it was an easy DIY banner with free paint chips.

pantone, pantone bridal shower, pantone theme, purple theme, bridal shower ideas

Watercolor paint guestbook

Aside from the obvious‚ÄĒand fun‚ÄĒbridal shower games, there were lots of smaller details with things such as the Pantone chip cookies and marshmallow pops, the water colour paint swatch guestbook, Pantone chip style candle favours and amazing little details in the purple being used across the board. One of my favourite¬†things is to use wrapping paper as table runners!

heidi swapp marquee, marquee lights, bridal shower decor, bridal shower ideas, wedding hashtag

Marquee light signage for decor

I loved every bit of my Pantone-theme bridal shower. It was so exciting to see all the small details (it really is in all the details!) and the great work my girls put into it. I love how it all came together. For more inspiration and photos for bridal shower ideas, take a look below. For more wedding ideas and wedding DIYs, take a look at my Project Wedding page here.

pantone theme, bridal shower, bridal shower ideas, pantone theme, pantone theme cookies, purple them

Pantone-themed sugar cookies

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P.S. These photos are gathers from my guests so the lighting may not be consistent on all of them!


Spring Brunchin’

I’m back again! And this time, it’s going to be on a regular basis…I promise!¬†
There’s so much I want to share about easy budget-friendly wedding planning, Ramadan decor ideas and of course home decor and lifestyle ideas for condos.¬†Today though, I want to share a fun idea for¬†Sunday¬†brunching!¬†

When I think of¬†Sundays, I think of brunch. It’s one of my favourite things about the summer and with a new place of my own, it’s nice to be able to host one at home for significantly less.¬†
As everyone knows, I love setting up pretty parties and can’t ever leave out a good tablescape or paper goodies! This past¬†Sunday, I styled a brunch menu and tablescape that’s ideal for the summer and for anyone that’s always on the go. A lot of the food items are easy to make or are make-ahead brunch ideas that are easy and quick to execute. There are also some tips on quick tablescapes that still look fab!¬†¬†
Firstly, you’ll want to create your guest list and send out invitations. Another thing everyone has¬†to know is that I love paper products and actual invitation cards. If you don’t know, now you do. But seriously, that’s obvious! Anyway, it’s safe to say that although I love real mail to get cards to my guests, it’s not always ideal. That’s especially of note for when I make a last minute plan or think I’ll¬†get everything mailed out and still end up having a few straggler cards in my purse and just end up texting my friends instead! And that my friends, it’s where my fave online invitation delivery/evites come into play!¬†
Of all types of online invitations¬†Paperless Post is my go-to! I’ve used it for several events including my cookie swaps, friends wedding showers and even birthdays. When they asked me to write this blog post, I was so excited because it really is a product I use all the time! Paperless Post is¬†the ideal place to get unique invitations that mimic the paper world without the worry of mail delivery. It really does add to the whole experience of the event and gives the guests an idea of what they are in for!¬†
Another great thing about their service is that you can design each card to reflect exactly what you want and there is even an option to get a print version if you really want to! They’ve even partnered with great brands that I love like Kate Spade and Sugar Paper LA to bring really great designs to the digital world. Here’s a screen shot of pre-designed brunch cards. I love the middle one!
You can check the invitations out here. Let me know which your favourite designs are in the comments below.

Are you hosting a brunch anytime soon? I would love to see your tablescape and decor! Just tag your posts on Instagram with #eatlovecraft. You can find me here.
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I have shared the Menu & DIY Brunch decor ideas after the photos, before the jump. 

Easy, make-ahead brunch menu:
  • Mini Eggo Waffles – just pop them in a toaster, separate and plate. These are cute because they are small and no one will judge that they’re ready-made. I served this with mini bottles of maple syrup at each place setting.¬†
  • Mini Cookies – another ready-made item, but they can also be made ahead and frozen to serve later. I had these left over from my wedding and kept them in the freezer. I got these delicious red velvet ones from Golden Crumb¬†Biscuit¬†– a local toronto-based brand.¬†
  • Bagels – this is an easy one. I got a batch of fresh¬†Montreal-style bagels during my trip on the long weekend, but I¬†would go for a local, freshly made batch over a store-brought package anytime!¬†
  • Boiled Eggs – these are an wasy way for people to get in some protein without you slaving away over the¬†stove-top¬†while everyone else is having a blast. Boiled eggs can be made ahead of time and just kept in the fridge and pulled out the next morning. Easy Peasy.¬†
  • Macarons – of course, how¬†could¬†you not! So many great places to get some of the best Macarons in Toronto – Nadege (my fave!),¬†Butter Avenue, Bobbette and Belle, Delysees… I could go on!
  • Fresh Fruit – another easy one. Just buy, wash and plate! I like serving berries, grapes or anything thats easy to eat without having to cut.¬†
  • Yogurt – I didn’t have any granola on hand but I had strawberrries! I made some thin slices of one and made a small yogurt cup for anyone who wanted that instead. You can make mini parfaits as well. It’s an easy thing to do that looks great in a glass cup. This glass cup was actually another wedding leftover. This is actually a candle votive that’s the perfect size for a small drinking cup. I had so many that they are scattered all over the house for different uses.¬†
  • To Drink – I love having glass bottles filled with pre-bought juice. It makes it look really classy but costs really little. This time, I just bought some pre-made pink lemonade and put in into a glass bottle and dressed the bottle up with some ribbon to get a little fancy.¬†I have a¬†Nespresso¬†machine and a selection of teas that guests could help themselves to.¬†I also had ice cold water in my new copper pitcher. Side note: I am currently¬†obsessed¬†with copper – you will soon learn/see!
  • Finally, I had mini bowls with whipped cream and butter on the sides so people could use them on whatever they liked. It’s a nice way to displace without bringing the big bottles onto the tables.¬†

DIY brunch decor ideas:
  • Place setting – I used small chalkboard bottles with maple syrup inside to mark everyone’s seat. This allowed me to not bring the big maple syrup bottle to the table and yet still have it there. Really loved that each setting had¬†their¬†own individual syrup to use in a cute little corked bottle!
  • Centerpiece¬†– my go-to as you know is a potted plant and a cake stand. It’s so easy and hassle-free. I added a small chalkboard tag to customize it a little bit and match it with the other hints of black and white on the table.¬†
  • Mini-giveaway – I have always liked to give guests something to take home with them. Again, I had some left over giveaways from my henna party, so all I did to change it up a little is add a bit of black and white polka dot ribbon to the bottles of pink-lemonade tea and put it into each bowl.
  • Paper things! I had a cute paper straw for each guest to go along with the black and white, and the plant and woods since it was a woodgrain straw. I had these left over from the wedding as well! I also added a small wooden swizzle stick for anyone drinking coffee. I placed a cute small gold ball that I got in a vase-filled package during the holidays. They’ve been used in so many of my events and are the perfect way to dress up plain things like a wooden stick!¬†
  • Napkins – I picked these up at IKEA and love them! They worked perfectly for this theme. They have floral prints on each corner but I¬†folded¬†those in to only show the middle portion.¬†


Note: This post was in collaboration with Paperless post. All opinions are all my own.

Iftaar & Eid Dinner Inspiration

I always like hosting dinner parties – it’s just something I always get really excited about, so long as I have a small group of people to entertain. Having a smaller group of friends or family at a time means I can pay more attention to the details, offer better food and also enjoy myself.
A few weeks ago I hosted my friends to a dinner party for Iftaar and had a blast setting everything up, paying attention to the little details and getting really festive. I got some great ideas from a new blog I came across called¬†Hello Holy Days. I discovered the blog when they followed me on Twitter and I am so glad they did! It’s a great resource to get DIY ideas for Muslim holidays like Ramadan, Eid and Hajj while offering wonderful free printables on the site.¬†
I used the free lantern printable which was originally for this great lantern streamer DIY  and did a little Photoshop magic to use the template to create my menu cards instead. I also used this cute place card idea to make my own version. I will definitely be using some of these fab ideas for fun and creative Eid dinner or Eid party decor.
I served my guests a creamy tomato Basil Soup, home made Crudites bread with brie and chipotle goat cheese, quiche and ended with watermelon slices and a cookie butter mousse in chocolate cups for dessert. I’ve shared a few recipes for the iftaar below the images.
What do you like to eat during Ramadan, Iftaar or Eid? Follow me on on Instagram or Twitter for more fun Eid decorating ideas! 


Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

This one’s easy! Get a can of Campbell’s creamy tomato soup (I told you it was easy!), dried basil, chili flakes (I used whole chilies crushed for a better flavour), basil leaves, Havarti cheese and some garlic and olive oil.¬†
In a saucepan throw in some olive oil and chopped garlic and let the garlic brown, toss in your can (or two) of soup and let it heat for a while on M, add in your dried garlic and some chili flakes and let it sit for a few minutes to heat up. Once it is ready, ladle into a bowl to serve and use the fresh basil leaves to garnish. I served this with sliced multi-grain bread and small cubes of Havarti. I love tossing in small chunks of cheese into my soup!
Thyme & Sea Salt Crudite bread 

Another easy one. Go to your local grocery store with a bakery Рmy favourite is Longos. Get them to thinly slice your fresh loaf. Drizzle the pieces with olive oil generously and sprinkle on some sea salt and thyme. I get my Thyme fresh from the farmers market, dry it out and store it in a Ziploc bag to keep it flavourful. Place your pieces on a baking tray and pop into the oven for about 20 minutes on the highest rack of your oven at 350. They should be slightly browned and really crispy! 

Second Annual Cookie Swap – an Entire Season Later.

I can’t even start with my list of excuses reasons why this was not up in late December. I just thought to share a few photos from my second cookie swap. This one had more attendees, which meant more cookies. It also meant more recipe books to put together. I never actually ended up giving these out and they are still sitting on my desk – halfway done. I plan to get to these soon, but well see!
I used a beautiful wrapping paper I got from Target (don’t even get me started on how upset I am about that…) as a table runner. I also used plain white dishes to hold the cookies as well as a cute tiered tray that I’ve had for some time now which coincidentally matched the themed signage. I actually printed these from the Creative Bag blog. Creative Bag in Toronto is a wonderful store to find great supplies for parties and gift-wrapping. I love putting together fun tablescapes and having it all tie into a single theme.¬†
I also prepared a very rich sipping chocolate and made a whipped topping in little mini cups for those who wanted to top off their drink. The whipped topping was quite easy – vanilla and whipping cream in your stand mixer with whisk attachment on high for a few minutes and that’s it! ¬†To balance all that sweet, I put together a cheeseboard with some spicy goat cheese, brie and of course – cheddar and mozzarella.¬†
The colours I worked with this time around were light blue, red, gold and white. Recipe for a quick and easy sipping chocolate is at the end of the post.

Sipping Chocolate
1.5 cups whipping cream
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
6 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups of chocolate chips (milk chocolate OR semi-sweet depending on how sweet you like it. I have a heck of a sweet tooth, and I love the milk chocolate, but others prefer the semi-sweet)
Stir together the whipping cream, milk, vanilla, and chocolate chips in a tall and deep pot.
Cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally, until mixture is hot and chocolate chips are melted. Stir again before serving. Garnish as desired.

Kate Spade Bridal Shower

The days are about to get longer and I can’t wait! This the best time to ‘Spring’ forward and get a jump start on all of life’s goals (okay, maybe like a few!). There are so many exciting things coming up and I thought it would be great to use my favourite time of year to start blogging, crafting and enjoying patios¬†eating again.

Last month, one of my closest friends, (who also happens to be my cousin) had her bridal shower. She wanted something classy and elegant, yet still really fun & poppin’! So we decided to surprise her with a wonderful Kate Spade themed bridal shower.

We kept games short and sweet by doing a few ‘minute-to-win it’ style ones and kept the rest of the bridal shower games focused on the bride! For food, we had a yummy buffet-style menu with delicious dishes supplied by her wonderful mom and also incorporated a fun ‘mimosa’ bar (sans alcohol, of course). We had a really cute dessert table with fun cookies and a very beautiful & quite delicious.

We had all kinds of decor for a Kate Spade theme party. With of course all the gold polka dots, hints of pink, stripes and of course, spades. I have shared a few photos below from the event for inspiration.

We also incorporated a candy table (because who doesn’t love candy), gave everyone a customized deck of cards and kept with the gold, pink and stripes wherever we could, without going too overboard.



& some more…


Paper, Plants and Provisions

Just as we hit the halfway point of Ramadan, I finally found some time to write a blog post, host a dinner and make it my kinda fancy.

I called my friends over for a small iftaar and realized that I enjoy hosting smaller groups of people now in comparison to when I was much younger and called everyone I even kind of knew to come over to my place. That was also when I was completely okay with a messy bed and tons of people cramped in a room ‚ÄĒ glad that phase is long gone.

Here’s a look at how I served up a delicious meal, made a beautiful table scape and it took less than two hours to put it all together.

The Tablescape: I used scrapbook paper as placemats. This helped keep them all a little different, yet match in terms of colour scheme at the same time. I used the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection from American Crafts – one of my favourite lines of paper.

I cut out mason jars from another sheet of the same collection and used that as simple place cards. These stood up with clothing pegs and I hand-stamped names for each person. They were a definite hit. Everyone loved them!

I added to the mason jar love by putting candles into mini jars across the table, incorporated my mason jar potted mint into the centrepiece and used my 1920’s Ball Mason jar as a vase for my flowers. I clustered my succulents onto a lazy Susan with the other elements and it looked great!

On the Menu: For the main, I made a delicious and easy baked spaghetti dish with whole grain pasta, ground beef, low fat ricotta, skim mozzarella and parmesan. I will include the recipe after the break.

For the apps, we had spicy hummus with pita and home made lavash (followed this recipe), whole grain bread & butter and puffed chicken pastries. Everyone drank San Pellegrino Limonata (my fave!) and some Bamboozled ice tea from David’s Tea. We finished off with some delicious mousse desserts.


Baked Spaghetti:

8oz cooked whole wheat spaghetti

2 tablespoons of butter OR margarine1 cup grated Parmesan cheese – divided1 tub of low fat ricotta cheese¬†1 lb ground beef – browned1 can spaghetti sauce250g skim mozzarella cheese¬†‚ÄĒ¬†shredded for top layer
Spices and/or herbs of choice. I used dried basil, salt and chilli flakes 

Directions:1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F and line a baking tray with foil.2.  Add butter to hot cooked spaghetti and stir until butter melts and coats spaghetti.  Add 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese; stir to coat.  

3. Add spaghetti to a foil-lined pan in an even layer.  
4. Spread ricotta cheese over spaghetti and sprinkle it with half of the remaining Parmesan cheese.  
5. Brown ground beef and burn away any water. Add pasta sauce, spices, salt and herbs. Mix well and let it cook for a bit on Medium. 
6. Evenly spoon it as the next layer on top of the cheese.  
7. Top with mozzarella cheese and remaining Parmesan cheese.
8.¬† Cover with¬†foil¬†‚ÄĒ¬†try to leave some¬†space so the cheese does not stick and bake for 30 minutes.¬†
9. Remove foil cover and continue baking 15 minutes or until cheese is lightly browned.  Let stand 10 minutes before serving.


You’re Invited: A Tea Party Bridal Shower

Last Month I hosted a tea party themed bridal shower for my cousin and it turned out amazing! I originally planned on having it in a venue somewhere in Toronto, but we ended up having it at one of the host’s houses instead. This way, we were able to invest our budget into the event details instead of a venue. I would always recommend spending less on a venue if possible so that more money can be invested in the actual event.

Sophie loves Taylor Swift’s so we based this bridal shower off both a tea party as well as a Taylor Swift T-party. The playlist was all Taylor swift, the invite fonts were based off of her album fonts and the colour scheme was also based off of photos we saw of the Taylor Swift themed T-party.

I had tons of fun decorating for the tea party and making it unique and special for the bride-to-be. She absolutely loved it and so did all the guests.

Here are some photos from the event, enjoy!

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Quarter Century DIY-Confetti-pink & gold & blank & white birthday party

So the deal I made with myself, was to post at least once a month. I am going to say that February kinda short-changed me by only giving me 28 days and that technically, this can count within the one-month range.

On February 2, I turned 25 and it was a bit of a big deal! I considered one of two paths after finally realizing I was hitting the big 2 5. Actually celebrate and have a party or not really acknowledging the quarter-century number change and moving on. I decided to go with the former and couldn’t be happier.

Throwing an event during a Toronto winter can be an unpredictable feat — and having it snow on the day of your party? Not the best idea, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I was lucky that it wasn’t too far from home and had the helping hands of some very good friends to put everything together.

I decided to go with a gold, pink, and black & white colour scheme and a confetti-style theme for a 25th birthday and it was a great choice. Originally, I wanted to go with peach, pink, and gold, but who knew how hard it was to find anything peach? Trust me, you’d be surprised!

I used a lot of DIY skills and ideas for my 25th birthday party decor. I customized my table covers by hand painting black polka dots all over white paper-type covers. I put a bit of gold wrapping paper in between the whites to give a little more gold. I used black as a grounding colour and it worked really well against all the lighter tones of golds and pinks.

I made a pi√Īata with a cardboard box and a roll of mylar gift wrap. It took a really, really long time but it was worth it! I would spend nights watching TV and slowly cutting and taping each strip to each face of the pi√Īata. The best way to do this is to start from the bottom and work your way up. Everyone at my party asked to break the pi√Īata but I just couldn’t let that happen after all that hard work. It deserves one more night out before it’s dead!

I put each place setting to get with plates and napkins and put all the cutlery in small glassine bags. These bags were misted with some Heidi Swapp gold shine mist to give them a little shine and sparkle!

I brought out some trusty washi tape to customize my Ikea Korken bottles and used them for drinks. I also put washi tape to decorate some Ikea Ensidig vases. Those were each filled with confetti pieces (some of which I punched out) and more mylar. I love me some shine!!!

I love fresh flowers and made sure I had some on the table. I wanted the table to be a long dinner table where everyone could sit together. The venue had a pool table to keep people entertained and we made sure we brought the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity!

See below for some photos from the event. I didn’t get a chance to take many photos on my own though I wish I did! I remember a lot of the decor and wish I had more photos to share, but on this day, celebrating totally trumped that.

I’ve shared a few great DIY ideas for a 25th birthday party and may post a few more images of my decor on my instagram account sometime this week!

To see more,

That Cookie Swap I once had

I wanted to make sure I had at least one blog post before January ended – borderline, I know, I know… I have been telling myself that I will share my Cookie Swap ideas, everyday since it happened (35 days ago to be exact).

It all started with me reorganizing my baking-supplies cabinet. I was going through my cookie cutters, tins and a ton of other baking tools that I think I need to have on hand (note: when I get into something…I really get into it!)I usually end up buying every possible tool because I tend to think I’m going to need it. I quickly got the idea of participating in a cookie swap just by looking at a tin I had hidden within the jam-packed cabinet.

I quickly searched online to see if there were any Cookie Swaps in Toronto, or the GTA. I was specifically looking to see if I could join any community swaps going on in the city, and wasn’t able to find anything. This still kinda surprises me since this city is huge and all (if anyone knows of any, please leave a comment), but all that searching pushed me just enough to want to host my very own first-ever cookie swap!

I quickly gathered a list of 12 people who I knew would enjoy being a part of the swap, sent out online invites via Paperless Post and put together a Google doc with instructions and a sign up sheet. All this happened in a matter of a few hours and I was pumped! Here’s another pro tip about me: When I plan something…I really get into it! (see a pattern forming here?)

On the day of the swap I had set up the dining table with everyone’s cookies, made a delicious velvety hot chocolate to greet people with at the door, and decorated to my hearts content. I ensured there were enough cookies made so that everyone got to sample one at the swap and take two of each home with them. This was a good amount to start with, it meant each person was only making 36 cookies. For a first-time Cookie Swap host or attendee, it can get a little overwhelming. This resulted in more than enough for everybody.

The day I hosted my swap was the same day that Toronto decided it would like to host an ice storm! Two of my guests could not make it out due to weather issues and another got sick. I was pretty bummed and at one point almost considered rescheduling the event. I am glad I went ahead with it. Everything went as planned and some missing guests still sent their cookies and because we had extras, we were able to pack a set for each person who was missing.

For packing the cookies, I got white window bakery boxes from Creative Bag and went through my tissue paper and ribbon stash so everyone could get creative when it came time to wrap their cookies to take home. I made salt dough gift tags with a chalkboard back for each guest. Each guest also got to take home a handmade recipe book made by me.

I picked up some delicious milk from Moo Milk Bar in the beaches and paper straws from target (my fave!). I also made sure to keep plain white milk in a decanter that kept it chilled for the duration of the swap. The flavoured milk was poured into shot glasses so everyone could try each flavour.

¬†I cut out a banner with ‘Milk & Cookies’ with my Silhouette Cameo, used a regular disposable plastic table cover with a fabric runner as the base for my Cookie Swap tables cape. I loved setting up the table with all the varying heights with the dishes and the wide selection of cookies.

Lastly, I used the Ikea Tolsby frame as sign holders for each cookie. I love using this frame because it is white and very versatile. If you love hosting events, this would be the best investment to make. It is super cheap and very handy.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and really loved the idea of the event as well as all the goodies. I am sure I will host a second one next year and can’t wait to up the ante with a ‘best cookie’ and ‘best looking cookie/presentation’ award!

& heres a bonus photo of the beauty the Ice Storm left us with!