home: Ikea favourites – basics edition #1

When decorating your first home or your third, it likely wouldn’t be complete without a a trip to IKEA for a few basics at minimum. After almost five (!!) years of being married and living in our own place, there are some pieces that I feel I am still getting great use out of without them going out of style. I have done my part to hack them or style them with other pieces to truly make them feel unique to my place. There are so many great hackable IKEA finds here and solid IKEA basics that I feel can come with me and find a place in any home I am in.

I rounded up a basics edition on the things I have and would still suggest. I will certainly have more IKEA basics but I did not want to have so much crammed into one space! This was really fun to share and I am hoping to do this for a few other places and spaces as well. I have linked everything below the image so you can find them yourself.

These are some of my favourite IKEA basics:

Do you have any IKEA favourites that you swear by? Share below! I love sharing fun new things I discover and come across. Keep up with it over on Instagram @dasootas!

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